It’s no secret we’re big fans of innovative new music here at WHATIZ so when we heard about this artist from Florida who specializes in Witch House, Cloud Trap and Trill we just had to see what was up and lets just say we weren’t disappointed! Check out our Q&A with South Florida’s LUCIFEAR…..

Sev: So for those who aren’t familiar with you and your music, who are you and where are you from? Luc: My name is LUCIFEAR and I’m a producer/rapper/artist from South Florida.

Sev: What is your earliest memory of music? Luc: Panama Reggae from when I grew up in Panama in the 90’s, before it was called Reggaeton or Salsa music.  I also liked punk/metal when I was young. Then when I moved to the US my first show was The Casualties and A Global Threat in 2003.

Sev: There’s a lot of new music out there these days, what are you listening to? what do you recommend? Luc: I like DJ smokey, Jay Yeah, Lil Netzero, Spooky Black, Yng Sad, Bladee, Black Kray, Salem, my homies Greyscalesound, Yung Bleatha and Slurredgod. But I mostly listen to like mainstream rap.

Sev: What are your favorite rappers? Luc: Drake, Juicy J, Chief Keef, Prodigy, 2pac, A$AP Rocky, Yung Simmie.

Sev: What genres influence your music the most? Luc: Trap and Chill, Emotional Pop-Punk, Rap, Witch.

Sev: What is VOIDSKUAD? Luc: A team of rappers/producers me and my homie Greyscale started a while ago, we’re trying to do something really artistic and weird with it though, not just put out music for the sake of it, that’s why we’ve only released one mixtape but we’re dropping a new one soon, some truly amazing artists are part of the team.

Sev: What is the meaning behind your music/art? Luc: To always be free from the chains of oppression and to really have fun with what you do whether it’s sad and dark or weird and funny, to me it’s about conveying a feeling or emotion not about fitting into any style or genre.

Sev: How can people find your music or get connected to you? Luc: Check out my Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, also check out my Bandcamp to get my mixtapes and albums.