So congrats going out to my man Ikabod Bum on his release of “RAW DATA in SPACE” today! Dope name right? I’ve also gotta give him a shout out for hooking us up with this cat, AF THE NAYSAYER!! And guess what?! We’ve got him playing LIVE March 21st at Fulton 55 for the next installment of DONUTS! AF was cool enough to take some time and answer a few questions to help us get to know him a lil’ better ahead of his Fresno trip.

For those who don’t know you, what’s your name and where you from?
My name is Amahl Abdul-Khaliq, but I’m more widely known under the moniker AF THE NAYSAYER. I’m originally from the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, but now I’m a permanent resident of Southern Louisiana, splitting my time in between Lake Charles and New Orleans.

So tell us about your last project, who’s on it, is it independent?

A year and a half ago I teamed up with Baton Rouge rapper Luke St. John and created a demo titled “The Autodidact.” Last year, one of the songs on the demo, The A.M., was used in an iOS game, Tap Tap Tour Revenge. Because of the game, we self-released The A.M. on I-tunes as a digital single. We’re also hoping to release two EP’s entitled “The Autodidact Vol. 1 & 2,” but we’ve been too busy with our separate careers to make that happen as of yet.

What or who influenced you to first start making music?

I was always interested in composing, but I didn’t actually get into production till my buddy linked me to a youtube video of Nick tha 1da giving a tutorial on how to program a beat on a [EMU] SP 1200. After watching that video, I decided to contact Nick tha 1da and, well, here we are. Nick has definitely been the biggest influence in my career thus far. As to who or what influenced me in a production sense: Thes One, Carl Craig, Jan Jelinek, DJ Battle Cat, and Dimlite, just to name a few.

Any artist you feel we should be on the look out for?

Hmmm…there are so many to name. JayLotus from Houston, TX is a name to remember. He just recently release an EP titled Light Cycles. You should also keep an eye out for Omari Jazz and Jack Vogt of Step-Pepper Records. Even though they’re only 17 and in high school, these two Alabama producers are sick. I met them when I went on a mini-tour with Beautiful Bells this past fall, and they were just nasty with their beats. I’d also like to mention BAHЯ, a jazzy hip-hop producer based out of Germany.

How can people get connected to you and your work?

So whatz next?
I’m releasing a 7-inch through ReSERVED Records titled, “Imagerial Denouement.” Myka 9 of the Freestyle Fellowship is featured on the track, and I’m pretty excited about it. “Imagerial Denouement” will be available this April.I’m also self-releasing a beat tape titled, “The Autodidact Instrumentals Vol 1.” It will consist of the instrumentals I submitted to Luke St. John for our project together, and will be a limited cassette tape release.I also recently teamed up with New Orleans rapper Marz The Superior. Together we have formed Phantom Cleavage, a lo-fi, dirty music experience; very left field for New Orleans. The name of our album is “Superior Function,” and it will be released on ReSERVED Records hopefully later this year.

For advanced pre-sale tickets to AF’s March 21st performance @ Fulton 55 CLICK HERE