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Searching out talent is always the fun part of what we do here at WHATIZ and being able to materialize these talented artist at our Monthly Art-Hop Showcase is just the icing on the cake! With several great shows under our 2015 belt and some of the best still yet to be announced 2015 is proving to be one hell of a year! With May officially kick starting our Summer schedule WHATIZ is happy to announce the Central Valley debut of Bay Area singer/song writer ANYA KVITKA Live Thursday May 7th and as an added bonus we caught up to the songstress for a little Q&A. Get familiar..

So for those who don’t know you yet, who are you and where are you from?
Well I’m Anya Kvitka… originally I’m from Moscow, Russia but raised in the bay. Yayareaaaa.


You’ve been in the music game for a minute now, starting from humble beginnings and organically working your way up, a premise we tend to like here at WHATIZ! Having such a distinctive style we find it takes time for the “mainstream” to usually catch on, would you say for the most part the average person gets your music?
I think anyone whose willing to listen, will find a place in their heart for my art, for sure.

Singers such as yourself are usually pretty well versed with the classics of almost any type of music and usually have their fair share of musical archives. Do you draw from other music when creating your own and if so who are some of the artist that motivate you?
I think all artists are inevitably affected by each other. There are definitely unmistakable influences of many in my music and visuals — I’d say everyone from Freddie Mercury to Erykah Badu to Robyn and Kimbra. All great artists that inspire me to create to the best of my ability.


We understand you’re a bit of an import, mind giving us a little background on where you’re from originally? 
I spent my childhood in Moscow. It’s a very different place. Super rich culturally, which definitely contributed to my love of music from a young age; I started piano there and continued when I moved to the states, in my culture it’s definitely big for kids to take piano, or just music in general, pretty seriously.


Every city has its challenges, what’s your city’s most negative and positive aspects in regards to music? When you’re shooting for the stars is local support even necessary to succeed?
I think anywhere you’re from, it’s important to get your city backing you. Super important. I’ve lived in the south bay for a while now, and the support has been so amazing. I’m super grateful. I do wish there was more support of the arts since there’s so much tech money out here now — I don’t just mean financially, I mean instilling it culturally in schools etc. so the youngsters can truly appreciate art, and know they should work for it as hard as they would for math or science.

You’ve had some really cool musical opportunities in you career. What’s been some of your favorite musical experiences?
There have been some crazy moments for sure. We played Low End Theory once and opened for Captain Murphy (Fly Lo). It was SO packed in there, I swear like sardine status. And earl sweatshirt was on stage with us watching the crowd. It’s a tiny stage and he stepped on my brand new kicks. I was slightweight mad haha. Jkjk. But it was just sick to know how many dope ass artists were in the crowd all night, I think a lot of odd future was there, frank ocean for one. LA’s crazy that way. Also I think, when I was invited to Atlantic Records to write and record demos for David Guetta. That was a big moment. I was recording in the same booth as Nicki Minaj, Sia, and Bieber had recorded on several occasions. I mean everyone you can think of had been in that room. Pretty crazy. So many more but I won’t rant haha.

We can only imagine what’s playing on your ipod. Any musical suggestions for us to keep an ear out for? 
I’ve been listening to  A LOT of Kimbra lately. I loveeeeeeeee her! Alt-J and also this chick Tei-Shi. She is so ill. Also Marina & the Diamonds’ new records is SICK. Sia’s last album. Some Sa-ra. Shieeeet. I also LOVE that new Rihanna track, American Oxygen. Such a dope song. So many more, but that’s the most recent stuff.


These days true talent is really sought after and you’ve been known to really steal the show. What’s you stance on touring and shows, do you like bringing it Live or are you more content with being in the studio?
I LOVE doing shows. It’s the most rewarding, exhausting, and absolutely worth it experience. Shows are probably home to my most favorite moments doing music. You can just never really recreate that vibe you get; each place is different, so it’s never boring, and always super fulfilling.

We know you’ve been cross collaborating with tons of cats, here’s your chance to hip us to all you got going on… What’s good right now?
There are some really exciting things in the works, I’m in talks with some cool people right now about a deal. Don’t want to jinx it, but you’re getting inside scoop 🙂 Got a full EP and part of an album finished, just waiting on the right situation, which I think is soooo close! You can swoop on merch at my shows for sure, and touring will hopefully happen at the end of this year or beginning of next!


What can we expect from you in 2015?
I think a few dope ass videos. Maybeeeee an EP in the fall and an exciting announcement within the next month or 2 🙂
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Facebook: anyameowz
Twitter: anyameowz