993734_10200118563845103_1667940968_n Staying on top of good music has become a regular mission objective for us here at WHATIZ and it’s probably not as easy as many of you may think, let me explain… Well for starters how does one begin to work an International Artist review site aka (blog) anyways? Well organically of course! Just like anything, in the beginning it usually starts out with having a deep rooted love for something, music in this case. In time if you’re lucky people and artist will eventually start to catch on and if what you’re doing has any relevance or staying power then Voilà! Congratulations! You have just opened Pandora’s box! Well with a lot of help from our behind the scenes team here at WHATIZ we’ve some how managed to keep it new, interesting and a whole lot of fun while only featuring the latest in what we like to call “Junior Independent Artist who Rock” or in other words an artist who isn’t signed yet aka an artist who needs our help. So why help them if they’re not paying us? Well let me share a little secret with you, no one’s making money selling music these days! The only way you’re going to have a chance at making some decent money through music is by doing shows! Numbers from the last few years showed that despite the US having a poor economy concert sales were still on a steady incline with each passing year. So what does this mean? The way we are exposed to music is different now as we have become a highly visual society that wants to see it to believe it! Lets face it we all know the industry is over saturated with bad music that’s being hailed as the norm and good music that’s never seeing the light of day! Well music’s life to us, truly our greatest inspiration and believe me when I say we’ve lost way more then we ever come out ahead financially! We may not be making any money selling our music either but what we are doing is rocking shows and being consistent. To us it’s about longevity and being dedicated to something we love. Which I guess brings me to my point, paying your way into the industry doesn’t necessarily mean you belong there. Allow me to shed some light on the inner working of the “Blog” game and how a lot of up and coming artist choose this quick route to would be success..  So lets begin with quick behind the scenes look at how “Someone” might get took by the “Famous Blog” companies in hopes of “blowing up”. Well most of the “bigger” blogs ie. Daff Piff, 2Dopeboyz, Kevin Nottingham all work off referrals from corporate music companies and the bigger the company the more pressure to post about it. Now here’s where it begins to get tricky, they also work hard to contract junior writers who end up covering most of their email submissions with a M/O of just pushing out as much content as possible (to reach the desired effect of being busy and having content) and most of the time these so called “writers” are just kids who are more then happy to write about anything anyways especially if it means they’ll be considered as part of the team! Meanwhile, “Famous Blog” is having the artist essentially  pay to “advertise” with them, meaning, they’ll debut your stuff and send out an email to their “network” (which is basically the guy in the next town over that just signed up too) and promote you as if you were the next big thing! So recap, you pay “Famous Blog” anywhere from fifty to three hundred US dollars and your in! Here’s their promise; front page posting, mass email to everyone in their email list and lastly they promise to post about it on their social media site for a month.  And why is this a problem? Because it sucks! So why hype it? The exploitation of young eager artist who are willing to pay to be noticed of course. So what’s wrong with that, I mean they’re the ones that’s paying for it, why not post their stuff for them? They’re the ones that want to be exploited! Right? Well have you ever had watered down Koolaid? Exactly! It just don’t taste right.. Well that’s in fact what’s happening to the industry and to tell you the truth most of us around here have went from being real fans of Hip Hop to honestly just trying to stay away from the whole genre. Sad but true. The industry is over saturated and the sad part is that it just keeps getting worse! Don’t believe me? Just turn on any radio stations excuse for Hip Hop or R&B and watch what I’ve just explained in a bigger context! So how does this little behind the scenes rant tie in with our next featured artist, well I felt it was important to explain that we are still striving to seek out the absolute best content for our site (and don’t get paid to do it either) so at the end of the day really we’re just big fans with a whole lot of integrity and scrounging for shows like everybody else. You wouldn’t let just anything on your playlist so why should we, we’ve worked hard to perfect the right mix of Koolaid so if it’s ok by you guys we’ll keep it this way. I think it’s important for our fans to know that we turn down about 80% of our submits so when you do see one know it belongs here for a reason… Anjelihs isn’t a new name for us around here in fact we’ve been following him for sometime and even managed to debut him on our Low Lights LP released earlier this year. Well it’s been a few months since we’ve last heard from Anjelihs and considering I had a little extra time on my hands this last weekend I thought I’d check in with his Soundcloud and see what was new. Well to my surprise this guys been busy! With four hot new singles in the last six months I was like wow! So being that we’re cool with each other I sent Anjelihs over this message, Sev; Word up dog! Dayum my dude you gotta holla at me when you release these bad boys! Anjelihs; lol Yo! I just made that last song like a day ago and posted it like an hour after it was done so I’m still giving it to everyone I just haven’t had a chance yet lol!   From our playlist to yours we give you the latest from Anjelihs….