Back On Solid Ground Artwork

Live performance from Chris Cape of verse 1 from ‘Fire’ off his ‘Back On Solid Ground’ the mixtape

As we continue to travel the World in search of up and coming Artist it’s always a pleasure to meet people who are both inspired and inspire. In fact it’s a sort of unwritten rule around here that we strive for positivity, with all the negativity in the World today it’s refreshing to still find artist that make a conscience choice to avoid it. Having diversity is another rare quality that we try to embody around here and our next guest is a perfect example, as a singer-songwriter, rapper, musician and record producer this featured artist can easily wear the moniker of Jack of all trades!

So for those of us who don’t know you yet, who are you and where are you from?

My name is Chris Cape. I am a singer-songwriter, rapper, musician and record producer born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. I moved to London and immersed myself in the music scene.

So you just released an album called “Back On Solid Ground”, tell us about it. Expectations?

It’s only been out a few days really and the response has been incredible. I thought it would do well because the quality throughout the project is very high, however the wave of positive press has been overwhelming. Nothing makes an artist happier than knowing all the hours were worth it. I’m just so glad that people around the world are listening and enjoying it.

With the industry being as saturated as it is, how do you feel your sound differentiates from others?

My subject matter and delivery are different from most rappers. I consider myself a singer-songwriter following the lineage of David Bowie and alike, rather than a hip-hop artist. As a result I find a lot of rock, pop, classical fans coming up to me and saying ‘I don’t usually like rap but I’m loving your work…’. I’m really happy about this because I’m exhibiting a skill and profound artform in arenas it’s often ignored.

Additionally, rap fans have been loving my rhymes and the live elements (jazz singers, trumpets and guitars etc.) which I’ve added to the mix which give the instrumentals a fresh orchestration.

The primary reason for my sound being on it’s own mission is that I simultaneously love what many would consider to be, opposing genres. I think ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ by Wheatus and ‘Barbie Girl’ by Aqua are phenomenal as much as I do ‘RE:DEFinition’ by Black Star and ‘Ride The Lightning’ by Metallica. I love folk music and I love power pop. I currently play guitar in jazz bands and spent my childhood playing cello in orchestras.

I am head-over-heals in love with music and honestly don’t care if ‘this’ is cool and ‘that’ isn’t. This allows me to be fearless in choosing the ingredients that result in a more interesting product.

We all have hopes of traveling and spreading the sound of our music to others, where do you feel is somewhere that needs to hear your music?

I’d be very interested in seeing how some of the non UK, EU countries like France and Germany take my music. Scandinavia and South East Asia are also market places I’d love to explore. The UK and USA go without saying.

After hearing your music it’s was pretty obvious that you keep a positive approach to your lyrics, is there an overall message?

Most artists use their art, at least to a certain degree, as a cathartic self-help program that doesn’t involve paying a psychologist. I’m no different. I use my lyrics to both express my frustration and voice my hope for a bright future. Most people want to be uplifted by the music they listen to. I listen to my songs hundreds of times through the tracking, production and mixing processes. I might of not make it through the project, if they are too negative!

What’s the music scene like where you’re from? Anyone else we should be watching out for?

The Jazz and House-Music scenes are really rocking here but as for pop and rap music I’d say check out the pop band Beatenberg. They are true musicians and their singer/guitarist Matthew Field is writing magical songs. I’ve worked with illverse who has his EP ‘My Darkest Hour’ coming out soon at the end of this month. Youngsta is another rapper always buzzing on the underground and he is great to watch live!

The way we shop for music these days is totally different than, “the way it used to be” how do you get your music these days and what routes do you take trying to get your own stuff sold?

As a consumer over the past year I’ve got most of my music by buying CDs at CashConverters (Pawn Shops). All the music production and mixing I’ve done have turned me into a proper audiophile. I far prefer listening to music on CD than mp3 or streaming it. It costs around $1, £1, R10-20 whatever currency you’re into to buy an album so at that price it’s okay to take risks. I’ve discovered some great albums that way!

For selling my own music I’ve used Bandcamp with success. Consumers can chose how much they pay which works well for me. As this is more of a mixtape style project I have made sure it’s free on all platforms including SoundCloud, DatPiff, Bandcamp and even a direct link that downloads the album directly from a person dropbox account at the click of a link. Here you go…

What’s the best way for people to keep up with you and your music?

I’m always active on my Facebook page ( so I’d say that’s number one. Next you’ve got Twitter ( and

Anything you’d like to say to the fans in closing..?

I’d like to give a huge thank you to all those who are sharing my music around the world! Write to me on Twitter or Facebook and I will do my best to get right back at you!