We here at WHATIZ couldn’t be more excited about 2014 but before we dive head first into the future we thought we’d take quick look back at all the great music and artist 2013 had to offer. Here’s a few of our favorites….



An Emcee hailing from Auckland, New Zealand Raiza Biza first got our attention with the release of his “Dream Something” LP back in October of 2012 and it wasn’t long after that he became an instant hit on WHATIZ. His follow up LP entitled “Summer” produced by Crime Heat Beats was his take on the Summer’s vibe in his stomping ground of New Zealand and the vibe of the album couldn’t be cooler! With the turn of the Season’s we listened as Raiza transitioned us from  “Summer” to a “Winter Solace” in his third LP.  With features from producers like Tausani, Nu Vintage, Sonuba and Jay Knight adding to the continued production of Crime Heat the album proved to be a toasty treat on a Winters day. Adding to the coolness factor Raiza authorized our album cover concept for the album which was designed by our own Scuba Frank. Also adding to our credits was the track  which we also helped coordinate. Raiza Biza takes us back to the days when MC’s painted pictures in our minds with the stories they told and I dare you guys to listen to any of these albums and find one shred of hype, his work is mad real and I’m feeling it big time. Raiza strikes me as all heart and I look forward to seeing what 2014 holds for this aspiring MC…




So you know how we all have our secret favorite artist out there, you know that go to music when friends aren’t around (so you can play it on repeat kinda artist), well it’s my pleasure to introduce to you one of mine. NU VINTAGE. With a name that embodies his music and his music proving his name it’s only a matter of time before he becomes one of our valued production visionaries. With multiple albums released independently that just keep getting better and the talk of future releases on the horizon this is someone you definitely want to keep both eyes on….


Private Life-241b

Now it’s no secret I’m in love with Australia and all her people(Everyone’s Gorgeous there btw) and it’s no secret we’ve had more then a few artist showcased from there, so this next group fits right in as one of my faves of 2013! Hailing from Melbourne, Australia it’s my pleasure to bring you a little closer to this fantastic band. Comprised of Bassist Jamie Barlow, Tarko Sibbel on Keys, Nic Lam on Guitar and my imaginary girlfriend Renee Anderson on lead vocals. Labeled Synthpop, SynthRock or just plain Synthariffic any way you want to say it, it still equals one of my new faves! Their self entitled EP released back in July 2013 quickly caught the hearts and attention of an International crowd and ours and lead to quite the following. Look out for PRIVATE LIFE in 2014 as the band continues to ooze potential and keep on the look out  for international dates coming soon!




It wasn’t long ago we first met the Bay area based synth-a-riffic trio Pixel Memory and it surely wasn’t long after that we were hooked! Loving their music and longing for a dance party we thought, hey! We got an idea! Why not book them for our annual Halloween dance party?! What an awesome idea! (Pics) Riding on the reins of electronic dance music we find Lisa, Austin and Joe redefining show goers ideas of what going to see a electronic dance show is all about. Make sure to look out for this group in 2014!


Klaviar and Cavah


“Until Then” released back in April of 2013 comes one of the most innovative EP’s I’ve honestly ever had the pleasure to review. Hailing from the greater Boston area comes Klaviar and Cavah two very talented and aspiring young musicians that seems to have an act for production as they demonstrated in their  “Until Then” EP earlier 2013. With 2014 just creeping in we can already tell this year gonna mean big things for the production duo. Make sure to stay up to date on these two and if you haven’downloaded their last EP, what are you waiting for?

Of course this list could go on and on but  hey isn’t that what we’re here for?? We don’t mind seeking out the enviable in fact we kind of enjoy it. Well it’s been a pleasure 2013, come on 2014 let’s go!

…and for those of you who actually enjoy digging for new music here’s a little list for you in no particular order xoxo….. MEKELELow LeafKali UchisfLakoVYLELafayette StokelyPad Trio, EraS, REC BEATSNocandoEYEDRESSDAB (A.T.S)FANOBEEA.J. BrionesSchadillacPleasure cursesNu EraMyron & EHANDBOOKA.Dd+, AF the NaysayerKINGDOM CRUMBS, Ikabod BumTiRon & Ayomari