This next submission is a serious personal favorite! If you guys have come to know me at all then you’d know Dj Sev just LOVES that vintage Hip Hop sound. So when I first came across Big Ben my natural response was to keep him on hush hush! Why?? Because I’m a Dj who prides himself on being exclusive and well, I don’t like sharing everything…. Geez. So a year later I’m finally opening up and deciding to share and just in time for his February 2013 release entitled “Buried Oldies“. The project is dope as I expected it would be, starting off the project and I guess what would be the project single is, “Feelin it” which really kicks off the mood of the project and just gets you feelin good! I first encountered the oldies-funk-hop artist “Big Ben” about this time a year ago by way of his February 2012 release of his “Soul Beat Tape” which was nothing sort of what Hip Hop’s all about! Hip Hop has always been about recycling, rejuvenating and rejoicing and Big Ben really captures that. Well I finally caught up to Big Ben for a little Q&A, check it out…..

Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Big Ben and I’m a beatmaker from Compiegne near Paris, France.

I’m sure emcee’s hit you up on the daily, why only beats?
Indeed I got contacts with various emcees in France, UK & the US, giving them beats for singles or independent projects. I currently got a few projects in progress right now (Kwamizzle, MC² or Skizo). It’s always a pleasure to col-lab with guys who got the same vision of music as me.

Do you feel you have a signature sound?
I think a large majority of my beats are pretty smooth and often in a souly, jazzy or funky atmosphere.

What’s next ??
I’m working on an vinyl project with my longtime friend and talented beat-maker Kostia.  It will be an instrumental EP with also few a features. It’s scheduled to be released in vinyl in 2013. So stay tuned!

How can people connect with you and your music??
I got a Facebook & Soundcloud page or you could hit my bandcamp page where you can find my first 3 beat tapes.

Who’s your favorite producer?
I was a big Jay Dee aka J Dilla fan for a while, also Pete Rock, Madlib and recently Apollo Brown, his “Trophies” album with O.C. is just awesome!

So what do think about whatiz.biz?
I didn’t know the website and discovered it a few days ago. There is a lot of pretty good music right here, in various styles and I’m glad you ask me to be a part of it. Btw I Loved your “Vintage Rebirth beat tape!”

Hey thanks Ben! And thanks for taking the time to hip us to whatiz! We look forward to your future projects, and don’t worry I’ll quick hording your music……