I obliviously listen to a lot of music reviewing artist and I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the saying; “Music is Universal”  yet from time to time I tend to forget just how true that idea is.  Music conveys feelings bottom line and no matter what language or medium the music’s in it either generates that special feeling for you or not.  Case in point with my next featured guest Salvaje, the bass heavy Argentinian duo that just reminded me music’s all about the feeling it gives you and nothing else.  Let’s just say I caught some feeling after my encounter with this one….

I was lucky enough to catch up to Salvaje for a little Q&A check it out…..

Q: Welcome to whatiz.biz guys! You mind telling us a little bit about  yourselves? A: Yeah thanks for having us! We’re two guys from Argentina, and we believe in the power of music to express feelings and a message.

Q: Cool! How are you guys doing that? A: Well right now we are working on our first LP, and more specifically on our first music video called “Gris”.

Q: So what drives you guys? Any influences?  A: Within the large amount of music coming out these days, we do see tiny sparks in some of it. We tend to gravitate towards that which breaks the common structures and not attached to anything that has been done before but we listen to all kinds of music, basically. We did notice that we relate more to artists like Brian Eno, James Blake, The XX and Frank Ocean. We also like, How to dress well, Blood Orange, Milosh and Nathan Fake. Apart from that we feel that the album “Bocanada” from Gustavo Cerati is one of the greatest records ever made in our country.

Q: How can people find your music or get connected to you..? A: You can find our music on our Youtube Channel@ youtube.com/user/Salvajemusica, or @ soundcloud.com/salvajemusica or you can get in touch with us via our Facebook or Twitter  @salvajemusica

Sev: Hey thanks for stopping by guys it was cool meeting you! Before I let you go I was wondering if you could do me a small favor and translate your new single for me, “Blues para un Planeta rojo”??

Salvaje: Sure!

Blues para un Planeta Rojo (Lyrics):

If the current drags me away, I will make the rivers and seas suddenly dry.

I saw the leaves over the bridge, dancing with the wind and laughing at death.(X2)

Until you want to breath, in loneliness I stay, and nothing can happen. (X2)

Hope you like it.