A homegrown product of our city Carl Armada‘s no stranger to us but we figured it’s was about time we shared the love with the rest of you. So we caught up to Carl this week for the 411, check it..

For those of us who aren’t familiar who are you and where you from?

Hi, my name is Carl Armada, I’m just your every day average earthling, I like to create things, but I guess you could mainly call me a rapper. I currently reside in and have been residing in Fresno,CA since 2001.

Breaking past labels in Hiphop isn’t easy but when we listen to your swag’d out LP we felt like this was something different, how do you describe your sound?

I appreciate the kind words! I like the word ‘different’ lol It’s funny, I’ve never really had to describe really how my music was to others, but I will say that my music is melodic, vibey, and I guess you can say very human. A lot of the songs on my recent release is very much me thinking to myself, but almost as if in a day to day basis type of way. Like passing thoughts on a calm breezy day. Also, trying to find a balance between somewhat still intellectual to a point and being easily digestible at the same time is a thing I strive for. With my main influences being acts like Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest I guess it kind of makes sense.


What’s life like in the “NO”?

Life in the “NO” is….charming, once you start to actually appreciate the quirks and scene’s this place has to offer. A lot of interesting individuals out here and the cultural scene seems to be expanding in different ways that are exciting. I used to be under the disposition that Fresno wasn’t that great at first, but as the landscape around me changed and growing up in my generation and becoming included in the music here amongst like minded cats made things way cooler and opened my eyes up to this place.

Is it true that the ladies from your city are down?

Lol…no comment. I’m a square.

We have a show with you November 19th that we’re looking forward to, what’s to be expected?

On the 19th expect to see one snack size Filipino by the name of Carl and his dread head best friend Bnice serving up some exquisite gigs with equally exquisite rhyming. We put on a show, and we’re sort of an odd sight to see at first.



As far as influences go, at the very tippy top of my list would most definitely be Andre 3000. Outkast in general really have continued to help define me as an artist and what I strive to be as an artist throughout my years really. Following that would be a grab bag of names in no particular order like Kanye, A Tribe Called Quest, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Biggie, Pac, Tyrese in Waist Deep, Jaleel White as Urkel, Dad…. the list goes on. You know the assorted greats and randoms. Life is the greatest influencer of all though. Without all the ups and downs, I’d be way more boring.

What’s in store for 2017?

As far as 2017 goes….. Me and Bnice are going to be everywhere hopefully….. At least Asia.