Chris Cape - Worth It (feat. Robsco)

Anybody that has ever made or released music knows that the music industry is a pretty tough gig to get into so nothing makes us happier then to see the artist that we have covered in the past returning with new material. One such artist is Londoner Chris Cape. A follow up to Chris’s Back on Solid Ground LP release last year, Chris catches up to us to bring us his latest release, “Worth it” and a little Q&A check it out..

Welcome back Chris it’s been a little over a year since we’ve last caught up. What’s been up (Musically)?

Hi there! I’m pleased to be releasing Worth It with Robsco (my collaborator on this track) Him and I are great friends and working together on this was nothing short of joyful. Since we last spoke I’ve relocated to London UK and have been writing and gigging a lot over here. The live scene here is utterly amazing and it’s giving me some extra energy which will no doubt influence my writing and recorded output.

Last we spoke you had just released “Back on solid ground” which we know you put a lot of time and effort into. How would you judge the experience from start to end?

Well BOSG was a small mixtape idea which just got bigger and bigger. That seems to be something that always happens on my projects. I tend to start out saying ‘this time I want to do something simpler so I can just put something out quickly’ and before I know it I’m wanting it to be an opus. I guess that’s just part of my process. It works! The response for the BOSG was really amazing and I received praise from blogs all over the globe. It was a great step forward for me as well because it was only when I started gigging BOSG that I became comfortable gigging on my own with a laptop as opposed to needing a full band.

Many may not know this about you but you yourself also play more than a few instruments is that right?

Anyone who knows me is always surprised that I do vocals as well! Back in Cape Town I was known as a cellist, then bass player and then guitarist. I’m so grateful to have the skills in place now as I can write a song on a piano or guitar and then when producing the records I can just layer it one thing at a time. I don’t play drums, but now days drums are so programmable that it’s not a problem! Because I can do it all on my own, I tend to. I’m a bit of a lone wolf I guess. Robsco is one of the few people I’ve collaborated with in making the track from the ground up.

So tell us a little bit about this new song?

Worth It is a follow on from Lawnmower and another track from my upcoming The Lawnmower EP which is a four-track collaborative effort with Robsco. Musically and lyrically it’s a dark piece that I’m sure people will love more and more with each listen.

Of course we’re all about the visuals here at WHATIZ so can we expect any new videos in the near future?

ABSOLUTELY. I will be filming a video for Worth It and sending it your guy’s way in no time!

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