Back in the summer of 2009, the DubStep sound was dominating the interwebs. It was pretty much everywhere, and in a city with 110 degree summers, it didn’t make for the best swimming pool music. WeDidIt Collective changed all that for me the day they opened my eyes to a young producer from San Diego by the name of eLan. Offered as a free download, Magnificent Mistakes was an eleven-track release that totally blew me away, specifically the track, “I Can’t Breathe”. The slowed down broken beats laced with gangster synths was a completely fresh sound slicing through the mountains of high energy music I was coming across at the time.

Some of the best stuff was coming from crews like HELLAMEGA and INDIGO PYRAMID and from names like Shlohmo and Devonwho, (all of which being some of the most relevant artists putting out great music) eLan stood out as my favorite producer coming out of that whole scene. In early 2010, eLan released FAMLAY”The follow-up beat tape featured collabs with KLIPMODE and INDIGO PYRAMID crews, among others. The track Elevenwho holds up so well to the test of time that it’s been my ring tone for nearly three years (one of my contacts anyway).

Deservedly, 2011 sees eLan get picked up by the world famous, MONKEYTOWN RECORDS and releases a trilogy of EP’s and a full length.

Fast forward to today and tickle the shit out of your subwoofer with this deadly Ciara remix. It’s like a breathe of fresh air all over again!

If you weren’t already familiar with this dude, get to know his music, and prepare yourself for his live performance on Saturday June 29th at Fulton 55 as he opens the show for MEXICANS WITH GUNS.