We first ran across our next featured artist a few years ago at a Central California show and I’m not sure if it was his music or his costume but we were completely blown away! Pushing hard Breakbeats like it was 1994 Collecto’s MO is simple, to rock the crowd into an energetic frenzy! Well we recently caught up to the rockin robot for a little Q&A check it out….

For those who don’t know you yet, who are you and where are you from? People call me Collecto, I come from Fresno California – the underground capital of the world. Haha ain’t that the truth! Collecto as we were listening to your music we couldn’t help but notice that your music is reminiscent of some of the 90’s Break-beater’s like Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers. Do you draw any influences from that movement? Ya! Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers and Prodigy were all pioneers of the bigbeat movement. My style is a direct descendant of those works, new bigbeat if you will. Nice to see that movement’s still alive and kicking! Not many artist entertain in a costume these days, what’s your stance behind the mask? I know we sure dig it! The music needed to be more than what one man could accomplish, I had to become something more, something bigger, to bring the tunes to a wider audience. The mask is merely a vessel to deliver this message. You just released a new single called “Invasion” which is blazin! Tell us about the new project. Invasion is a way for my following to get an early listen for the upcoming album which will also be titled “Invasion”. It’s a retro themed bigbeat album that pays its respect to the days of early raves, back when police were breaking up parties and people had to be more cryptic in the approach of throwing events. The album will have extended edits and added beats for fatness that can’t be found anywhere else. Right on! We love exclusives! Your shows have a reputation for being energetic, what goes into your Live shows? I build from the ground up from scratch and practice, I set it up to where I’m playing as Live as I possibly can. I like not knowing what’s coming next, it keeps it exciting for me on stage and for the crowds as well. I experience it just as they do, raw and uncut. We’ve heard some rumors of a new video and some big shows. What’s on Collecto’s plate for 2015? I teamed up with a very talented artist by the name of Josy Carver (Josy Shuffles) to film a dance video. That will be the first official video which I’m eagerly awaiting to release to the public! Also, I have an animated video in the works, so you’ll be seeing a more cartoon presentation of the beats in the future. Doing it big! For those looking to keep up with you and your music what’s the best way to follow you?

Music – soundcloud.com/collecto
Fanfare – facebook.com/cptcollecto
Newsletter – www.cptcollecto.com

Keep on the look out for my Live shows! Big things ahead! Respect!

– Collecto

 Interview conducted by Austin Tson