Undoubtedly meeting new and interesting artist is always a high point for us here at WHATIZ so when we got the chance to meet our next feature guest we jumped at the chance! Hailing from Seattle Washington it’s our pleasure to introduce to you the multi-talented Coreena!

Hi and welcome to WHATIZ Coreena! So what’s up musically? Rumor has it you’ll be releasing your new project soon, what’s to expect?

Yes Yes, August 24th I’m releasing my 4th project called, “She Myself and I”. Soooo I’m super excited! I produced, wrote and performed all 6 tracks. It’s a concept album, consisting of music personalities and genres I always wanted to perform and release on a project but never have. There is a trip hop track that is a throw back to my first few projects cause I gotta keep dark and gritty sometimes.

We understand you were a voice major at Berklee College of Music? Did learning music theory prepare you for what you’re doing now?

I did! Also being in an environment of young folks from all around the world that are talented and at the top of there game pushes you to be the best you can be. The curriculum at the time was really good, but also the students were vibrant and full of life! We were all excited to live, eat, and drink nothing but music 24 hours, 7 days a week. It was a fun time! The city of Boston is an awesome place to be a college student too…SHOUT OUT TO BOSTON!

We are excited to have you August 26th at Fresno’s LF Gallery, will this be your first Central Valley appearance?

Yes it is! I’ve come close to the area, but this is my first performance in the area and I’m thinking I’m gonna have a good time! I have a few friends that have family in this area and I just think the world of them, so if Fresno peeps are are anything like them, down to earth, cool, and straight up good company, I think I’m gonna have a blast!


If you were able to produce or work with any artist, who would you like to join forces with?

Hmmm its hard to name just one…there are SO many people I adore, from this generation, my generation, people I grew up listening to thru my mom and dad playing the dopest music…Currently I’m really feeling 3 artist, can I give 3?! Bjork as always, FKA Twigs and M.I.A. love all those woman!

We’re sure you’re beyond exciting about your 2016 Summer Tour kicking off, tell us a little about your circuit?

I’ll be performing in the northern Cali region…Oakland, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Reno NV, and Portland. I came thru last year and so I’m really looking forward to this year as I’m starting feel more familiar. Hopefully I’ll be coming thru here lots more next year.

Where can our readers find your music?

I’m releasing physical and digital music, so you can find me on iTunes, Amazon and all the other online music outlets and of course My website, which has vinyl and cassette previous releases at coreenamusic.com also social media– Facebook.com/coreenamusicSoundcloud.com/coreenamusiccoreena.bandcamp.com


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