Now saying our next featured artist name maybe a little tricky but believe us when we say it’s worth the time to get to know. It’s our pleasure welcoming Eensdenkend to WHATIZ platform, join us as we pick his brain with a little Q&A…

Sev: So for those who aren’t familiar with you and your music, who are you and where are you from?

My name is Adam, I’m 21 years old, I’m from Budapest, Hungary, and I’m learning sound engineering. I have been composing ambient music for 5 years now.

Sev: What do you think music is going to be like in the future?

I don’t know, I have really no idea, maybe the artists will discover and chase the “analog tools and sounds” for music making/editing, like they do it nowadays…

Sev: Should artist push messages with their music?

Of course if they would like. I put only one simple message in my songs: Be opened for everything!

Sev: Is there a process to the way you make music?

I always experiment with sounds, chords and effects. If I can catch on to something, I usually just let it develop..

Sev: There’s a lot of new music out there these days, what are you listening to? what do you recommend?

Recently I discovered a band called Swans from New York, their music is so crazy and dark but I find it genius! I’d also recommend Justin Broadrick’s projects (Jesu, Pale Sketcher, Final, Godflesh, etc.). He has a tons of different genres of songs from ambient to industrial metal/heavy drone/noise music.

Sev: How can people find your music or get connected to you?

You can find me and my project on Facebook, Last.fm, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.