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Witnessing the evolution of any artist is always a beautiful thing but perhaps even more so with one you’ve grown along side like our next featured artist Nathaniel Eras. A California native and electronic music producer, ERAS will be our next featured Artist at our monthly Post Art-Hop Concert Series presentation on Thursday June 2nd and in the effort to get you guys caught up to speed with him and his music we figured a little Q&A would be in order, check it out..
For those of us who aren’t familiar please tell us a little about yourself and your music.

I am a lover of tons of different kinds of music, however, The kind of music that somewhat influences my work as a producer/artist is experimental and alternative electronic music as well as traditional southeast asian music. I started off producing left field HipHop beats and now I produce in a variety of electronic and organic realms.

We’ve had the pleasure to know you for some time and the progression in your music has been amazing, would you say you’re where you want to be musically?

Thank you. No I’m far from it, but I do have a road map now. I am currently apprenticing as an audio engineer at a large studio down town Los Angeles and I have been lucky to work on some amazing sessions with artists like Kurt Vile, and Devendra Banhart, Nick Zinner, Rodrigo Amarante, and Regina Spektor. In these sessions I am now getting a wider sense of how records can get produced.

Music these days is becoming complex and very intricate something that’s no news to you. Being that your music is for the mature listener how do you go about introducing the ordinary person to your music?

I just have them play it and listen to it. However if I’m using words to describe my work its usually impossible so I just list off names like: Bonobo, Pantha Du Prince, Four Tet, Clark, Machinedrum, Arca, Haxan Cloak, and Tim Hecker just to clue people into what hemisphere of sound I am involved with.
You’ve been busy with a few projects, mind telling us a little bit about them?

‘Purified’ is my next official vinyl release and its dropping May 28th in physical form as well as digitally online. 
Your recent collaboration with Grace Hall on the track “Angels” just produced a new conceptual music video that’s beautifully put together and we just loved, what kind of involvement do you have in your video production?

I am involved very closely with a lot of aspects of my videos but I try to give creative space and respect to whoever is involved. I am the one who usually pulls everyone together and will do any and all work small or big to just get it done. I usually sit down with key players involved and express my conceptual ideas then weigh out whats actually possible and create a game plan. I was really blessed to have worked with Director/editor Simon Stueri on Angels. He is such a cool guy and really understood my sonic universe. He brought a lot of his own own ideas to the table while staying true to the visual world that I expressed over weekly coffees in the Vermont Village area of Los Angeles. We scouted places and talent and made something very cool that I am really Proud of.
This June 2nd you’ll be one of our featured Artist along side TUXEDO GLEAM and SIGILS. What can we expect from an ERAS show?

I will be preforming a live electronic set using midi controllers triggered by tiny bowls of water and an infrared sensor activated controller as well as a synthesizer and laptop.      


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What’s the best way for people to follow you and your music?