Where my Dj’s at!? Yuuup this ones for you guys! Symphonik BANG just hipped us to their latest Mixtape, “Exordium Armada” an 18track remix album featuring all the biggest names in Hip Hop. It’s a fun release and the guys from Symphonik BANG know their stuff! The project is backed by the Swiss duo Aubert Nicolas and Horn Christian and had this what they had to say….. 

“For those of you who aren’t familiar with us we’re Symphonik BANG, we’re a production team based in the heart of the Swiss alps that is specialized in Hip Hop production and contemporary music! The project “Exordium Armada” is a prelude to our upcoming debut album “Phonik Armada” that will be released September 2014. The upcoming album features; Afu ra, Aims, Banish, Chaundon, Crypt The War Child (Outerspace/AOTP), Chip-Fu (Fu-Schnickens), Desco (EMS), El Da Sensei (Artifacts), Esoteric (AOTP), Freestyle (Arsonists), Godilla, Jus Allah (Jedi Mind Tricks/AOTP), King Magnetic (AOTP), GQ Nothin’ Pretty, Le S’1drom (IBZ), Mayhem (EMS), M-Dot (EMS), Matt Maddox, Meta P, Natural Born Spitters (NBS), Planetary (Outerspace/AOTP), Rasco (Cali Agents),Reef The Lost Cauze (AOTP), Reks, Revalation (EMS), Resolute, Sammy Gallows, Seek (Radix), Swann (Ill Roc), Tha Soloist, Torae (Duckdown), Tribeca, XP (Rhyme Addicts)”

For more on Symphonik BANG here’s a few links to get you started….