As I prepare to put this year to bed and try to make sense of the overwhelming, unorganized cache of music filling up my hard drive, I thought I’d take some time to showcase some of my favorite artist / producers of 2012. I’m going to do my best to bust out one of these profiles each day as we make the countdown to 2013.  Keep in mind, this is not a list. I’m recognizing each of these profiled artists as those who have managed to keep my attention throughout the year and that have kept a steady presence on my personal playlists.

Kicking off this series, we head to the Philippines for the solo project of BEE EYES guitarist / vocalist,  Idris Vicuña (EYEDRESS). This guy is only 22, yet his body of work is impressive in scope and in substance. This year alone,  he’s collaborated with talented acts like SKINT EASTWOOD, CAT CORTES of ARIGATO, HATO!, released work on  Number Line Records and most recently, Beko Records (one of my personal favorite labels) with lyricist LEMMON as the duo MIND SLUMS. I think he makes music in his sleep!

The range of sounds coming from this guy are something to seriously take note of too! From synth-laden shoegaze to cold hearted slow jams with bass, EYEDRESS can take a beat and match it perfectly with the vocalist it was meant for. Listen for yourself. I’ve put together a small collection of some of my favorite EYEDRESS work from 2012 and loaded this post with mp3 streams and videos.

EyedressWizBiz by WizBiz