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A lot of what we do here at WHATIZ revolves around art, culture and creativity so when the idea came along to host a monthly Art show in conjunction with our concerts well needless to say we we’re all about it. Naturally the next step was to actually merge the art with the music which as expected happened pretty effortlessly and hence our Art-Hop Concert Series was born! Featuring what we like to call “Junior Independent Artist” our 2015 calendar was filled with some amazing acts and artist this past year and as we draw to the end of a great year we’re happy to announce we’ll be going out with a bang! November 5th will mark our seasons finale and if I didn’t know any better I’d say we’ve saved the best for last with an Art presentation by David Samuels and special musical guest Jneiro Jarel aka Dr. Who dat? as Microclimate! To get you guys a head start on the festivities we figured we better get you guys up to speed first and what better way then with a little Q&A with our next featured multimedia artist David Samuels

So for those of us unfamiliar with you and your work, who are you and where you from?

Hi, I’m David Samuels, also known by the moniker Murdoc. I’m a diverse artist in the field of modern arts such as poetry, abstract painting, and music. I am an ex-rapper, b-boy, turntablist, and graffiti artist and for seven years I ran an independent record label called Mind Theater Records.

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How would you describe your paintings and can you tell us a little about the process? 

My paintings have a lot of depth that is developed by layers of paint that is built up then stripped down by being sanded, scraped or scrawled away. I use this “Kill and Build” technique very often, which is the idea of building something just to destroy it.

So what’s next? 

Lately I have been inspired with mostly showcasing new paintings. Currently, I am working on a new series of paintings entitled Visual Voices. I can’t wait to show them when they are finally finished!


We were interested to find out that not only are you an artist but also a music producer, in fact you just released a sampler called Vanishing Fragments. How does your music tie into all this?

Much like the process of constructing a new painting my music is treated as an open exploration. The methods I exercise to produce music is much like my art. I think I’ve always been able to walk a fine line between being an musician as well as a visual artist. I find the two forums have been equally balanced as a part of my life. Finding comfort in that has always allowed me to grow and develop new concepts that help accommodate the other. On Vanishing Fragments I wanted to capture the build up of high energy and then spontaneously interrupt it with another selection of sounds that form another setting and well, my paintings are like that in visual form.

As your 2016 calendar is filling up fast what’s the best way for art lovers and music fans to get a hold of you?

I have spent all summer prepping new works to showcase in several different galleries from fall until next spring so I’ll definitely be busy but I’m usually a pretty easy guy to get a hold of. Here’s a link to my website


David Samuels Art will be featured Nov.5, 2015 at our monthly Art-Hop Concert Series. Click the flyer below for more details..