So if you don’t know it by now here at WHATIZ we’re all about featuring the latest and greatest, what’s happening right now in music so to speak (Bit of a relentless struggle btw). So we figured to end this year right it’d only be fitting that we feature one of the newest and coolest bands we know! It’s with great pleasure that we introduce to you three of the coolest guys from Stockholm we know, Tella Viv…..

​Hello and welcome to WHATIZ guys! So for those of us who don’t know about you yet, who are you guys and where are you from? 
We are three BFF’s from Stockholm. Adam (Synth) and Ben (Guitar) are cousins and they are both spiritually related to Carl (Vocals and synth) and we call ourselves Tella Viv.
You guys have a really unique sound, how do you guys go about describing your sound to people that have never heard it before? 
Synthesizer pop in love with psychadelia.
Why the name Tella Viv?  
It’s easy to remember because it sounds like the city Tel Aviv.
The last couple singles/videos have been amazing! How involved in the video making process are you guys? 
What videos? Nah just kidding. We create them together with the directors. First one we made with Colin Greenall which was really DIY thing. Last one was with Stockholms Axel Pettersson. That one was with a bigger team and was a overall more large scale production. We were heavily involved in the creative process though.
So what’s the master plan?
Make some money so we can buy more synthesizers. Maybe tour the world.  Also, we’re releasing an EP this spring “From Coast 2 Coast”.
We’d love to have a few musical recommendations from the guys in the band, what are you guys listening to? 
Right now: William Onyeabors album Good Name, James Blake’s new EP and Chrome Sparks EP Goddess.
These days it seems like the only way to make money as a musician is by touring, can we expect any US tour dates for 2015 and if so is California a possibility? 
We hope for American tour dates. Especially California. We really like California.
We know you guys are probably keeping pretty busy these days so we really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and expose our listeners to your music but before we let you guys go what’s the best way for our fans to follow you and your music? 
Sad to say but right now it’s only through our Facebook page but through there, people can catch what’s up in the World of Tella Viv..