Earlier this week WHATIZ caught up to Gus Dapperton, singer and song writer from NYC. Check out our Q&A…

Hey Gus welcome to WHATIZ! For those unfamiliar why don’t you introduce yourself and where you’re from..

Hello my name is Gus and I’m from Warwick, New York.

We’re sure you’ve already started to witness the labeling of your music with all sorts of creative hipster adjectives (something we get a kick out of) and before we try and do the same thing we’re curious to know what you call your sound?
Unfortunately I could never seem to classify my music as any genre in particular. I tend to label them with numbers and dates.

Recently featured on Beshken’s new Closed Doors EP and with the single “faceless” being premiered by Noisey it’s an exciting time for both of you we can imagine. Mind telling us a little bit about that process, you and Ben Shirken aka Beshken have a little more history together then just this single right?

Ben and I met in New York two summers ago. I think we just became friends immediately. He has a very passionate personality. We shared our music with each other and what not. I was working on a different project at the time. There wasn’t really any motivation to collaborate, we were both just producing and making remixes. We stayed in touch and about 6 months later I started releasing songs under Gus. He wanted to remix one of my songs at first but we decided to make an original. We started working on the song in June I believe. He sent me some production ideas and I started writing. We finished “Faceless” towards the end of the summer.

Most of our playlist around here vary but it’s a sure bet that you can find some Mac Demarco, King Krule, Million Young and Tori y Moi in the mix (thinking you’d fit in pretty well too). Who are some of the artist that set the mood for you?
The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Dilla, Doom, Madlib. The Smiths, The Zombies. I listen to new music too but I always go back to this stuff. I fuck with “A New Place to Drown” by Archy I’ve listened to that quite often since it came out.

How active and hands on are you in the studio?

I make music every day. I’m in the studio at school all the time but not necessarily to work on my own music. I generally make music out of my basement. I’d like to think I have a pretty clean setup at home. Aside from the Beshken collab I’ve always wrote, composed, produced, recorded, and engineered my own stuff.

Of course NYC’s music scene has always been intense, in your opinion what are some of the good’s and not so good’s about the scene?
From my experience it’s probably the most innovative and fast paced music scene, which I love. I guess the bad side could be how easily ego’s are generated. But I live in Philly right now and it’s much slower and repetitive as far as sound goes. It makes me miss NY.

Plans for summer?

I think I’m just going to chill. Hopefully I’ll make a trip out to LA at some point. I’m releasing a few new projects very soon so I’ll probably just try to organize everything this summer.

We and our fans really appreciate you taking the time to hang out with us! For those of us looking to stay in the loop what’s the best way for us to follow and support you and your music?
You can here all my music at https://soundcloud.com/gus-dapperton . I’ll be posting some more videos on youtube as well. Thank you everyone for listening.


Photo credits by Caitlin Messinger & Photo by Anthony Carella