It was about this time last year when we first caught wind of our next featured artist. Within that time, not only has he managed to release a few new EP’s, but he’s also managed to catch center stage at this years 2015 New Years celebration; hosted by WHATIZ and the guys over at  Liquid Fetish Art And Tattoo Gallery on New Year’s day!! So we figured, what better way to get to know this guy then a little Q&A on what he and his music are all about. Now if you’ve kept up with us over the last year, you’d know that we’re pretty fond of the Cali Synth scene. I mean, it’s only natural. We’re FROM here, so we figured, what better way to support the scene than by having them play for a LIVE audience! Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a SHOW planned for you! Featuring music by Seanario, CheftST Major Seven. 

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first take a look at what the scene’s lookin’ like for Seanario at the moment…

For those who are not familiar with you yet tell them a little bit about yourself?

Well, I’m a dude that has been making music for a long time.  Been in a ton of projects and this is one of them.  About 6 years ago I started a solo project called Kid Mud.  That became a five piece indie band that we all collectively write the songs together for.  I needed a new solo project.  Something I can just sit in my studio and write and record by myself.  That’s how Seanario started.  I have always been into electronic music or the aspect of having awesome synth sounds in music.  In 2007 there was a huge surge of amazing electronic artists.  A whole new sound.  A sound that blew my mind.  Mr. Oizo, SebastiAn, Justice, and Teenage Bad Girl to name a few.  I wanted to try and do stuff like that.  I never try to learn how they do their producing because I would get scared that I would totally rip them off. So I just tried to make similar sounds with my own style on top. https://kidmud.bandcamp.com

I read about the inspiration behind your album RESORTS, it’s fascinating! I’d like you to explain it in your own words to our readers..

So I got married in Vegas a couple years ago and I have always really liked history.  Mainly horrible history.  So I was looking up history in Vegas and found something on the MGM Grand Fire in 1980.  I had never heard of it, so I got a little more in depth with my research.  I was able to find this giant PDF report done by the Clark County Fire Department. Then I was obsessed.  So much detail in it.  Then I would find more things online.  I have always wanted to do a concept album and this was on my mind at the time.  At first it was just going to be room numbers for song titles and the songs really wouldn’t be about anything.  But then I really wanted it to be a full concept.  It was the hardest thing I did.  I wanted to make it right.  Not a joke.  It took close to a year to write, record, and mix.  It took over my life. http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/Depts/fire/Documents/MGM_FIREInvestigationReport1980.pdf

The fire was on 11/21/1980 but your album starts on 11/19/1980…why did you want to start 3 days before the fire?

Every good story has an introduction. It seemed hard to make an album interesting with  15 songs just focusing on the day of the fire.  I didn’t want the lyrics to get repetitive.  I thought doing 2 days before with 5 songs in each day would be a good way to tell a story. For example.  In Rm 1274, 2 young adult males died in that room.  I just picture them checking in wearing Iron Maiden T – shirts and acid washed jean jackets ready to win it all and tear up the town at the same time.  The Discotheque is the last song before the day of the fire.  It’s about 2 people that find each other that night and want it to last forever because they could never know what would happen to them in the future.

If you were your current age in 1980: what would you wear? What would you drive? What music would you listen to? What drugs would you do?

Man this question is so hard.  I’ve always been a little hesitant to draw attention to myself.  I would love to say that i would be wearing sweet, bright puma track suits with shell toed adidas but I would probably wearing the exact same thing as I wear now.  Some jeans and a zip hoodie.  With thinking how old my car is now it I would most likely have a 1973 gremlin.  I love hatchbacks!! In the progression of how I have found music in the past I think I would still have a wide range of variety.  I would be listening to the important oldies like The Walker Brothers, The Zombies, Jim Croce and the more up to date stuff like, Kraftwerk. Off the wall by Michael Jackson I think would have blown my mind if I was right there when it came out.  And the whole Hardcore scene like Bad Brains, and the Beastie Boys.  I have always been a little scared of the whole drug scene with not having control of myself, but with it being the 80’s I would probably do a huge trash can full of cocaine.

Doc comes up to you in the Delorian, where do you go? Why?

For one thing, that would be a huge dream come true.  With me being somewhat of a history guy the first day I would go to would be Nov 22, 1963.  Dallas.  Right in the middle of the grassy knoll.  I remember as a kid waking up to watch Saturday morning cartoons and the history channel was left on from the night before.  I watched hours and hours of the JFK assassination and became obsessed with it.  Still am.  Two years ago I finally got to go to the Knoll and the Book Depository building and it was surreal.  I just want to see the events for myself.  Not watch the assassination but be looking for where the bullets came from.  Not to change history but to experience it.  2nd (too good of a question to just have one answer) I would go to San Francisco Oct 11th, 1969.  This was the murder of Paul Stine by the Zodiac.  I don’t want to go and watch the murder because I am very squeamish with anything like that.  But I want to actually see and hear the conversation the cops and zodiac supposedly had when they stopped him about Paul Stine’s murder.  I just always wonder if what the police said was true or not.  Maybe this will be my next concept album.  “Docs of our Lives”

Would you rather be Tom Selleck or Don Johnson in the 80’s?

Don Johnson –  Totally Don Johnson.  Those suits!!!! BOATS!!!

Which Breakfast Club member do you want to punch in the face?

Probably all of them.  I haven’t really seen that movie in a long time but while I was thinking about how I would punch or just slap them,I thought about how cool it would be to hang out with Lane Myer and Charles DeMar from Better off dead. Ski the K-12. Go visit Lane at work while I eat a Pig Burger.  Life would be so cool!!

How does this album differ from your previous albums?

The first EP was just me trying to get me feet wet of trying not to play any real instruments.  Doing all the programming and making it work.  Resorts isn’t too different from the first EP except for the concept part.  With the new stuff I’m working on it has changed up a little more.  I’m trying more spacy, mellow sounds.  Trying to add a little soul to it but we will see how that works out.

What equipment are you using in this album? Any instruments?

 Resorts is all in Logic with one midi controller.  I do everything in the program and master in it also.  For the vocals I use one shure 57 which is suppose to be an instrument mic but I like it better in the studio. I wanted to see if I could make music out of my normal element and not use any live instruments. I like to challenge myself even if it limits me.  A long time ago I tried to do a hardcore project using a 4 track, a shitty guitar, a shitty organ, and a shitty drummer machine.  I don’t have to say more than that.

What’s the best way for our listeners to stay in the loop with you and your music?

The best way to stay in the loop with Seanario would be facebook.com/seanariomusic  I would like to say that I’m better at keeping up with other social sites but I’m kind of lazy and sometimes can’t get everything I want to say with the limitation of characters on twitter.

So for our listeners that don’t know about it yet we have a big show with you planned for New Years day, can you urge people to come by telling them what to expect?

The New Years Day show will be fun.  I didn’t want a live show to be just me standing up there with a computer and a keyboard so I recruited my drummer from Kid Mud, Steve Brooks, to bring a better organic feel.  It really brings to life all of the songs.  I have never done a 2 piece project live before and it’s really fun.  There is so much technical stuff we have to do to make sure we give a good show.  We have to be on top of our game or it would be a total disaster.

Lastly can you leave us with any advise that may help our lives?

Words of advice.  Progress and passion go hand in hand.  If you want things to happen you need to put everything in.  Go Hard!!!!!


* For more details just click HERE 

* January 1st 2015

* 1416 Broadway St, Fresno, California 93721


* 5pm ARTHOP Reception

* 8-10pm LIVE MUSIC

* Sodas and other refreshments will be available

* This event is FREE!

If you still haven’t had a chance to check out Fresno’s rendition of “Art Hop” this would be a great intro into the scene!