Now it’s been known that music is a lot of things to a lot of people, it’s everything from beauty and art to sadness and joy. People are motivated by it and attitudes are born from it, so with music being such a powerful tool to conveys one inner thoughts, feeling and motives it only makes sense to use music for a purpose. I mean a real purpose, like doing good for someone other then ones self. I know it’s a bit of a tough concept for artist to sometime wrap their heads around but I just ran across someone that is doing just that! Bringing together artist and music for a purpose. Last year on November 8, 2013 the Philippines was hit by the deadliest Typhoon on record, killing at least 6,268 people in that country alone which was no doubt devastating to that Country as a whole! Fast forward to today(4 months later) and you’ll see a Country that’s still in morning but also moving on. With humanitarian efforts still continuing their much needed work I challenge you to ask yourself, “How can I help?” and the answer couldn’t be cooler,, buy some music!  Compactmusic.net has teamed up with GlobalMedic.ca to offer up some relief from the devastation in the form of this 22 track fundraising LP and it’s DOPE! Join us as we catch up to the owner/CEO of CompactMusic.net Dorian Detring to find out what’s up with his label and how we too can help in the Philippines….

Sev: So for those who aren’t familiar with you and your music, who are you and where are you from..?
Dorian: Hi I’m Dorian Detring and I’m the owner/operator of COMPACTMUSIC.net an IDM/electronica label based in Berlin, Germany.
Sev: Musically what are you currently working on and what’s next?
Dorian: The current release “ISA” is what we are (currently) pushing right now and the project is doing great! I would describe our label as pretty eclectic in sound same as are our participating artist. I guess in the future you can continue to expect a lot of diversity from us ranging from electronica to abstract Hip Hop.
Sev: There’s a lot of new music out there these days, what are you listening to, what do you recommend?
Dorian: I actually listen to a lot of old Jazz & Soul music other than that I’m also very tied into the future “beatmaker” scene so right now, I’m really enjoying the new Teebs album and most of the rest from the Brainfeeder crew is pretty cool too.
Sev: How can people find your music or get connected to you?
Dorian: The best way is to via our website: compactmusic.net but here’s a few other worth while links…