It’s no secret there’s a underground War brewing over the state of lyricism these days and in the mist of the struggle you’ll find our next featured Artist holding true to one of Hip-Hop’s oldest disciplines. So what makes a good emcee these days? Well, we figured what better person to refer to then a Guru in the game, the one an only Gang Starr, we all remember what he said…
With that being said it’s our pleasure to introduce our next featured artist. Check out our Q&A..
So for those who don’t know you, who are you and where are you from? 
I am originally from Alexandria, Virginia but have lived in Georgia since 1996 and I go by Jack Jones
How’d you get into music and what’s the scene like where you’re from?
Wow, um I originally got into music as a kid as I was a third generation trumpet player (and also played the drums)  and my father who also played the horn also was a do-wop singer and I just grew up always listening and playing music being encourage from both my mother and father as well.The scene in Atlanta is dope you have so many artist from so many different places and because of that you have so many different styles and flavors that you can and will hear here in Atlanta. There are a collective of dope emcee’s, DJ’s and other creative artist here like no other as there is always something going on within the week/month that you can go out and hear and see artist (visually, musically, etc) do their thing and its really, really dope.
What or who’s your motivation for making music?
I think personally my motivation for making music is simply because I love to create. There is no better feeling than to listen to a song that I have been blessed to be apart of. I really get a rush when I can write/create something that someone out there in the world likes. There’s so many choice for music these days I just think it’s cool that folks dig something I made.
We all know Hip Hop has many faces, what would you say is your overall message behind your music if you have one?
For myself and Soundsci (as a collective) “We’re here to remind you why you fell in love with hip hop”. Simple as that…. We strive to make the very best music that we know how to, in the lane of music that we all grew up loving and with that said we want other folks to hear and to know that the “dope” hip hop is STILL out there and there is a crew out there who really holds tight to that dopeness and we just want folks to hear it, check it out for themselves and remind folks that the dope music it is still out there.
What’s the plan for 2015?
The plan for 2015 goes a bit something like this….
1. Soundsci the crew will be releasing our fourth LP titled “Ronin” this year.
2. WorldExpo will be putting out UGeorge’s LP (The Many Faces of UGeorge), DJ Ollie Teeba’s (Short Order), some really dope remixes on 7″ featuring Oxygen’s “Brillance” with “Four Times Raw”, also our newest member Supasition will be releasing a slew of new project out this year and also finally,  I will release another JackJones 7″.
3. A new project to come out on Slice-of-Spice called “Classic Material”
4. A new 7″ with ACatCalled Fritz and working on our new LP called “Lost in Translation”
5.Some more feature work on some dope 7″ coming out this year.
We personally love releasing music as much as we love doing shows, what part of the bizz do you like the best? 
I think for me I love it all…I love writing, recording and being in the studio and also love to do shows and meet and interact with people and get that “feedback” from folks. I love it all! I think and feel that you have to appreciate the process and since I have been lucky and blessed to have been doing music for quite sometime now I have really learned to love it all!
You’ve recently released a few singles, how were they received? Were you happy with the responses?
 Man listen…I have been totally, TOTALLY  blown away with all the responses to all the singles that I have been involved with. It has been such a cool experience and look forward to doing many more projects in this new year.
So how can people keep up with you and your music and any shows planned for 2015 we should know about? 
Easy…check out all stuff Soundsci / JackJones at www.soundsci.com and if you want to check me personall you can follow me on twitter at @audessey and also you can follow Soundsci at@soundsci. Also, you can check out facebook stuff at the following links:
Soundsci will be on the road hopefully in the Spring and  Fall of 2015 also Supasition will be on the road April to June so stay tuned!