French producer KOGNITIF just hipped us to his latest project Monometric released this week through his Bandcamp page and boy are we digging it! A mix up of Jazz, Downtempo’d beats and a fusion of samples with the occasional jaw dropping vocals makes this dreamy beat project a must have! Jazzy as hell and just a bit griddy this production takes you to a cool place! Which actually leads us to our next featured artist, that’s got arguably two of the sickest tracks on the project! Ladies and gentlemen it’s our pleasure to introduce to you singer and song writer Jeanette Robertson. Originally from Canada the now UK resident takes the time to answer a little Q&A for WHATIZ on music, life and what’s next..

So for those who aren’t familiar with you and your music, who are you and where are you from..?

Me? haha I’m struggling a bit as I barely know what to put together about myself as I am not an established musician(Her trying to be humble). When you inquired whether I’d like to do an interview I thought, yeah that’s so amazing, but what Facebook selfie do I send over??? (haha -She really is too modest wait till you see her FB pics, she’s gorgeous!) 

I’m Jeanette. I’m Canadian but I’ve been living in the UK for two years. I grew up in Cranbrook British Columbia playing music with a lot of older musicians around a kitchen table jamming the nights away. I dunno, If you’re 16 at a 2am jam session with a small brass section belting jazz you’re in the right place as far as I’m concerned but ya… I guess I just learned about music in a whole different way really.

So when and how’d you start making music?  

Last year I finally purchased some minimal sound equipment so I could record myself singing. I contacted a couple independent musicians I found online and sent them over my music in hopes of them wanting to work with me and wa-la! The song you found me on, “So Let’s Begin”, was recorded in my living room early one morning before I rushed off to work. I literally plugged in my mic, sang the song and sent off the track before bolting out the door to catch my train. I have always absolutely adored triphop like sounds and saw myself singing alike music. It has just taken me forever it seems to find a perfect fit.

Hey good things take time right!  Musically what are you currently working on and what’s next?  

I’d love to do some more music with Kognitif, which is how you found me. I think he is into that so I’m excited. Otherwise, I’m not sure at the moment. Since I don’t play any instruments making music relies heavily on having others to make it with. I did have a go at self-teaching myself to program/compose my own music last year. Work in progress haha. I am always open to try new things and work with probably just about anyone so long as I enjoy the sound. How cool would it be to just be on random tracks all over the world with a bunch of independent musicians? Pretty awesome… or I think so anyway. I would love to work with people who just want to make music because they love it.  

So there’s a lot of new music out there these days, what are you listening to, what do you recommend…?  

I remember being younger and scanning the internet for new music and watching a lot of music videos on cable (when they used to play music videos opposed to 24 hours of reality T.V). There is a LOT of independent or self-published music out there now and I find you have to be well submerged online or into specific subcultures to be finding it all. I don’t know, I’m maybe just not that cool to be up-to date really. I’m such a sucker for Jazz standards and 90’s music anyway. HA! Music just finds you when it is right. I grew up listening to mostly metal, punk and 90’s grunge but I always had a sweet spot for jazz and soul. The older I get the more drawn to it I seem to be getting. But then again… new as in recent or new to the listener?? Last year I was stunned when I stumbled onto a gig in a small venue in Glasgow for Hollie Smith, a soul singer/ song writer from New Zealand. She’s been out since 2007 but it was new to me at the time. Amazing voice by the way! I sang with my friends, Icarus Rising, a Dublin based hiphop duo, at the Make A Move hip hop festival in Limerick Ireland in 2012. There I happened upon Voice Monet. Again, she’s been around for years..debut in 2006 and she’s been all over and collab’d with some bigger names but it was new to me and she is simply fabulous! I follow her facebook page and she just seems like such a sound woman on top of being incredibly talented. In 2013 I listened to a lot of Janelle Monae‘s The Electric Lady and a lot of ASA- Beautiful Imperfection. If I really like something or it suits my current mode in life I can listen to it on repeat for months. If I was in my home there was a 90 percent chance Janelle was on an I was dancing around by myself.

(Pause for the visual….. So how can people find you and your music..?  

My friend, Stuart Driedger and myself released an album as Betch in 2011 in Canada. I’m not really sure what the genre would be as it is a bit of a mix. We got together to make a joke kind of song for fun but ended up putting in pretty hard work. Start to finish in two months we managed to release it the night before I moved abroad to Ireland. It was later released online in 2012 and can be found at: http://betch.bandcamp.com/album/when-things-merk-out-2

I’m just the average person making music in their living room in their pajamas..

So what do you think of WHATIZ??

I think it’s amazing! Being dedicated to bringing new music to folks they might not find otherwise, that’s awesome! Also the music is diverse in sound. So you can get a surprise when you click on the next link opposed to hearing the same kind of songs over and over. I’ll definitely be coming back to check out some more music. I feel Kognitif‘s album release has exposed me to many new people/web pages/groups including yourself and it will broaden my exposure to new music for sure. Like I said, music finds you and thank you for finding me.