Innovation is undoubtedly the thread shared by most musicians these days and our next featured artist couldn’t embody that more. With sounds that make you re-imagine your idea of hip hop music and all the talent to keep right on creating the skies the limit for this auditory engineer from Kansas City. With a more then impressive track record and production credits quickly building it’s only a matter of time before this next artist becomes a house hold name! Bonded by his love of the music and floating on inertia’s positive vibrations join us a we meet one Deep Thinker

Starting from humble beginnings our next featured artist is a producer that in our opinion should need no introduction but for those of you who aren’t familiar here’s a little Q&A with one of our favorite producers check it…..

Sev: So for those who aren’t familiar with you and your music, who are you and where are you from..? LD: My name is Leonard D’stroy aka Lenny D aka Len Diesel aka Dj Town Topic aka Brown Tempo aka THE Quiet$torm. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri.

Sev: Musically what are you currently working on and what’s next? LD: I have a few projects underway right now. I don’t want to reveal too much but I can say that I just finished a new record with my homie Kutty Slitz! If you are not familiar with him, check him out! We have two albums together called The Lenny Slitz Project parts 1 and 2. We just completed the third part recently and are preparing to release it soon so be on the look out!

Sev: There’s a lot of new music out there these days, what are you listening to? what do you recommend…? LD: Lots of jazz recently. I’ve been taking a break from the beat scene for a while now. I’ve been in a different place musically lately… Trying to take a break from things and take a step back to just enjoy life a bit more, so I haven’t really been trying to keep up with everything new that comes out. There’s too many dope musicians to follow sometimes so I don’t seek it out as much. I let it come to me…

Sev: How can people find your music or get connected to you..? LD: You can find me through all the usual online channels, Facebook, Soundcloud, ect…as they say, just Google me! Hey thanks and respect to WHATIZ you guys are massive for the support. Much appreciated!!! RESPECT. LD

For more on Leonard D’stroy make sure to check out his featured track on WHATIZ.BIZ New Boom Bap compilation, “The magic Beat Box”! OUT NOW click HERE or to hear it from the man himself check out this dope online interview with Strange Music, click HERE