Being in our position we often get a unique perspective of an artist that a lot people don’t ever get to see. Something we’ve come to appreciate here at WHATIZ and in the case of our next featured artist and the movement he stands behind it couldn’t make us happier to see it! We’ve been following the Chicago Juke movement just as much as the next guy but something unexpected happened about two years ago, we met guys over at Polish Juke Records! A small online Record label that deeply believed in the Juke Movement and wanted nothing more then to prove their Polish based Juke movement was something just as special. Well we’ve followed the guys through their many of releases, trials and tribulations and alas comes this! The video single from Polish Juke’er Lux Familiar‘s Visionary EP and it’s both as bangin’ as it is beautiful! It’s nice to see their progression into visuals and the way they compliment just how cool this scene is!