We recently caught up with the Los Angles pop duo and one of our hopefuls for our 2016 concert series Man Made Time for a little Q&A check it out…

Hi guys and welcome to WHATIZ! So tell us a little bit about yourselves…
Ya thanks for having us! Well, we’re probably best described as an indie pop duo, predominantly synth based with tribal beats and a lot of 80s & 90s influenced vocal melodies. We’re also both from Los Angeles and were both raised around musicians so making music always seem to come pretty natural to us both.

Seems like the group is relatively new, how long have you two been making music together and how’d it all start?
We’ve been playing music for exactly a year now, and it started with a couple experimental jam sessions in the back of a coffee shop in studio city. We both had a different set of skills that seemed to make a nice fit, so we decided to record one song to see how it went. One turned into three, and three turned into six, and now we’re here.

So we understand that the group goes a little further then just making music together, is it true that you two are also a couple and does this make working together easier or perhaps more difficult?
Yes, we were dating before we started the project. Like everything, there are pros and cons, but the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Music brings us together, and it’s both of our expressions, so the fact that we also love each other makes it that much better.

Living in LA obviously seems like an advantage for any artist, how would you guys describe your music scene and do you even feel local support is necessary?
Yes, local support is definitely necessary and important. Living in LA, everyone is some kind of entertainer- which is AWESOME. However, like the Internet, it can feel a bit hard to get heard. We know everything happens when it’s meant to, so we know we just have to keep putting in the work and stay out of the results.

The group just released its latest video “Sail away” back in October which seems to have gotten some really great feedback. How important in your opinion are videos to music these days?
Hey thanks! We think they are very important because it gives a chance for the viewer to see a portrayal of the music and the artists involved. It puts a face to the name. Also, it is another outlet for artists to retain revenue.

What can we expect from the group in 2016?
Definitely more music. We’re planning on releasing our sophomore EP late January and we just signed a licensing deal with Castle Peak Music, so hopefully you will hear us on some tv shows/films soon. We also can’t wait to play some more Live shows, not just in LA. We will also be playing the Venice Wave Fest next fall in Venice, CA. so keep on the lookout for that! 

What’s the best way for people to connect with you and your music?
All of the classics. Instagram(@manmadetime), Twitter, soundcloud, YouTube, and Facebook.

Thank you for having us on WHATIZ!

Hillary and Albert