Central California of course is home to many emcees but perhaps none as hungry and as passionate about his craft as our next featured go getter. Off cuff his most recent release “Steady stylin, we’d like to introduce you to MC Wicks!

For those who aren’t familiar, can you introduce yourself and let us know what you do and where you’re from?

Hell ya! My Name Is Mc Wicks. I was born & raised in Fresno California and I eat a lot of food & rap on microphones.

When did you first realize that you wanted to be an MC? 

The first time I wanted to be an MC was right after a Cypher in middle school. I never tried to rhyme before & I really don’t know what made me do it to be honest but I did and the energy I got from the crowd, the people reacting to certain bars, and especially the Love I got after my freestyle was priceless to me! It was the first time I felt like I was good at something. I felt like I finally had a purpose and from that point on I knew this is what I wanted to do.

Over the past few years, you’ve had some solid releases. What’s the typical approach you take to making a record?

I like to let the beat speak to my soul I never really pre-plan anything I just go with a natural flow. I’ll listen to the beat and it will bring out a certain emotion and mentality once I figure that out I start writing to the beat so I can add in some word play when I hear a few things switch up in the beat & I always edit my verse when I’m done take out a few unnecessary words to make my delivery smoother. What I’ve started to do now is to learn the songs like the back of my hand so I can go in the booth & just perform it like I was doing a live show on stage. I have a lot of energy so I’m trying to capture that same energy in all of these records. I want the listener to feel like I’m right in front of them murdering the stage!

In addition to the releases, you’ve also been playing a ton of shows, some of which I’ve had the opportunity to see.  Who would you say would be some of your influences when it comes to rocking a show?
KRS-ONE and Planet Asia at Fresno State was the first Hip Hop show I ever went to since then I’ve been to hundreds of shows & still to this day I haven’t seen many match their stage show! KRS-ONE has everything mastered from stage presence call & response breath control freestyles shit he can even turn off the best & talk to the crowd for 5 minutes & still have everyone’s attention!

Planet Asia has a energy like no other emcee he gives 110% of his energy to the crowd & makes them feel like a part of the show so they start giving that energy back it doesn’t matter how many people are in the room he can make it feel like your standing with thousands of people I’ve seen this with my own eyes. Kubiq is another artist who helped me out a lot! Kubiq’s some what of a mentor to me, when I seen him first perform live he seemed so comfortable like he knows he belongs on that stage, he can make the crowd go crazy and do it with ease. He can rock like any crowd, he has so much music and so many styles I consider him one of the smoothest live performers around, he makes it look easy but it’s really not.

 Lately, Hip hop has been under the microscope. With an ever changing society, How do you see hip hop fitting in? 

Ya Hip Hop is pretty universal now at days with the internet and all, it’s on a higher level and yes there are pros & cons with that. I mean everyone and their momma raps now at days to though! A lot of people are just taking up space but with technology a lot of great people are also finally having their voice heard.

You’ve recently linked up with Three AM Records so what’s in the works?
I met Shon J on the scene, he’s seen me grow over the years but the first time we worked together was for my “Neva Had A Dolla E.P.” he produced a song called “What’s Love” one of my favorite joints! He then introduced me to ML3 at a show I was performing at and we started building from there. These are hands down two of the best producers I know! Since I had so many things in the works so we decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and do a Mercy Chords project instead. Mercy Chords is a group of talented producers that consist of Awbskure, Shon J & ML3.

I also started recording our project “The Buffet” and truly believed in what these peoples are doing, they ask if I was down to join the movement and release the project though Three Am Records and with all the timeless music they’ve created I couldn’t refuse. I know I will learn a lot from everyone involved and you’ll hear the growth in my music cuz I’m surrounding myself with nothing but greats and positive thinkers.

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions, is there any advice you’d like to give to any aspiring MCs?
My best advice is to be strong, be ready to take sacrifices and losses and get back up like nothing happened and keep it moving! Always work on the craft never lose sight of the good things in front of you and try to always have fun and remember why you go into music in the first place!
Article by Austin Tson Coulson