watermarked-DSC08419     As our year draws to an end so does our 2015 Concert Series and what a year it was! To end the year off with a bang we figured we’d better do it right and what better way then inviting the Doctor himself, the King of Viberia, and our absolute favorite producer/emcee Jneiro Jarel pka Dr Who Dat aka MICROCLIMATE. A born innovator Jarel’s track record spans back decades with an expansive collection of hits, features, cameos and collaborations that pretty much spans the world if not the galaxy. As Jarel’s career takes a new direction with the release of his new MICROCLIMATE project we were happy to have been the first to feature him and the project Live and for absolutely FREE! For those of you not lucky enough to have caught the show don’t fret as we have his exclusive performance here in its entirety, enjoy!

For more on Jneiro Jarel‘s new MICROCLIMATE project click HERE