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So it’s been said that very city has its treasures and oh how we love finding them! It has also been said that timing is everything as is the case with our next featured artist. Just off the cuffs of her latest video single it’s our pleasure to introduce the Central Cali song bird and featured musical guest at our May’s Art-Hop showcase starring 7evenThirty NAE ALMA.

For those of us unfamiliar with you and your music who are you and where are you from?

Hi! I’m Nae Alma. I’m an artist/songwriter and I’m from Fresno, Ca.

So how’d it all start for you musically and just how far would you like to see this music thing go?

I began singing in the church choir as a kid between my ma and late grandmother in the soprano section. My god sister, Claudette taught me how to sing tho and she could BLOW! Straight power house. I don’t consider my vocals powerhouse level but that’s what I grew up around. Strong gospel voices. As I got older I gravitated to Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Bjork, Brandy and a long list of rappers n rockers that I’d say influenced me as an artist. I began recording at 17. Lots of features and living later, I released my 1st project “ALMA” in 2013 and have been going since. 

I’d like to take my music to the very limit.  But… I don’t believe in limits. So… there’s that:) haha

We’re always interested how artist go about making their music, mind describing to us a little about your music making process?
Sure. I freestyle a lot of what I write first, then I piece it together from there. I’m a fan of hard sinister type beats. Those are my favorite. Gorgeous and gutter beats. I’m constantly writing tho. On receipts, tickets, whatever. I always hear something in my head.
You’ve recently debut your new video “The Plug” which we’ve had on repeat around here. Can we anticipate a new EP or perhaps LP soon?

 I appreciate you watching!! I’m releasing a bit of what I was up to last summer currently. I kinda fell in love, spent quality time in LA recording with friends & came up with some cool records that I never released. Everything else I’m working on is my little secret for now tho 🙂


For those that don’t know it yet on May 5th you’ll be our featured musical guest along with Mello Music’s 7evenThirty and let’s just say we’re pretty excited about it. Any other shows or performances we might be able to catch you at in 2016?
Yes I’m excited for the May 5th gig! And definitely! I will keep you posted!


What’s the best way for people to follow you and you music?

soundcloud.com/naealma Twitter/IG: @naealma


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