So you know how we all have our secret favorite artist out there, you know that go to music when friends aren’t around (so you can play it on repeat kinda artist), well it’s my pleasure to introduce this next featured artist to our whatiz beat junkie family. With a name that embodies his music and his music proving his name it’s only a matter of time before he becomes valued as a production visionary. With multiple albums released independently that just keep getting better with time and the talk of future releases on the horizon this is someone you definitely want to keep both eyes on….

So for those who don’t know you yet, who are you and where you from? I go by the production name Nu Vintage, I was born and raised in the bay area, California. Currently living in Dublin, CA to be exact. About 20 minutes outside of San Francisco.

So we noticed you have tons of great music and a strong following, why so exclusive? I mean it’s hard to find any info on you…. Yet your so dope!! The last time we ran across someone so fresh and exclusive was when we tried interviewing “The child of Luv” so is that on purpose?? The exclusiveness isn’t necessarily on purpose, I just haven’t dedicated as much time as I probably should to getting my stuff out there via internet. I love making beats, without a doubt one of my greatest passions- but I still got to pay the bills. I do this on top of going to school, working, and coaching high school basketball. I’m planning on making a better push this spring/summer via Youtube and Soundcloud– so stay tuned for that!

What are you currently working on and what’s in store for the future?? I’m currently working on a couple different beat tape ideas, they will likely be up on bandcamp this summer.

What influences you? I’m influenced by a number of different things. Obviously classic boom bap hip-hop has played a huge role in the style of beats I make. Huge soul and jazz guy as well. I’ve been collecting vinyl almost as long as I’ve been making beats (about 4 years), and probably listen to those records simply to enjoy them more than I do looking for samples.

How can people connect with you and your music? Anyone who wants to connect with me and find out more about my music or anything of that nature can hit me up via email: I’m always open to working with new artists!

That’s whatiz! Good looking Nu, we appreciate you showing whatiz some love and all the great music, we can’t wait to have you play live for us in the near future! For more on Nu Vintage and his entire discology hit up his bandcamp or just CLICK HERE