Sure the times are changing and music is about as free as it’s ever been yet words like FREE and NETLABEL don’t really come to mind when one’s thinking business strategy’s these days or does it? Our next guest EARS, from Sydney Australia might just tell you otherwise. With a Netlabel that’s continuing to flourish and he himself on the cuff of some great new releases he’s proving that FREE music equals popular music!

Q: So EARS what’s good with you musically? What’s next? I’ve just finished an album called Porcelain Giants which is being mastered this week by Ben Fegans at 301, and I will be releasing it within the month(Don’t worry we’ll get you the link as soon as it comes out!). I’m also working on my next record which has a working Title of ‘Blue Temple’ the Title track being nearly complete. The newest beats I’ve been making feature more of my Violin playing and live percussion, so get ready for that!
Q: I’d imagine you have a pretty interesting taste in music, what are you listening to? what do you recommend…?
I listen to a lot of varied stuff, I feel the best thing to do is stay open to everything and be eclectic. If you narrow in on a genre too much your missing out on lots of other ideas.
I’m loving Bibio, Jonti, Shigeto, Clark, Mouse on Mars, PVT, lots of Beats stuff I guess, but I have also been digging on some classical Indian music and other folk music like that, to hear how the violin is featured.. I’m a sucker for strings being a fiddle player so I tend to chase that cinematic feel a bit.
I though that the recent Mouse on Mars record ‘Parastrophics’ was super interesting and really well produced. The mixing is quite amazing too, and is refreshing after being a bit smashed by 404 sounding Brain feeder beats and all this stuff that sticks to a boom bap sort of form, A and B section stuff. I like artists that push sound creation and experimental music but balance it with a sense of musicality and groove, so that its accessible but challenging, I guess that’s always the balance we are all looking for though….

Q: How can people find your music or get connected to you..?
I run a little netlabel called Freethebeats, and self release my music through that bandcamp page.
Q:Well EARS we look forward to hearing more from you in the future, thanks for stopping by! So what do you think of
Looks dope to me, Its important to create portals for a wide range of creative happenings that people can go to for a reference, I guess thats how I feel Freethebeats works in a way, it gives people a reference point for a type of music and can lead on to discovering other artists that you may not have found.

Photo By James watkins