Bigger Picture

Remember a time when music was new and wondrous and all you wanted to do was explore it? Well with that idea in mind we try keeping things as fresh as we can around here and our next featured artist is no exception. Youth, ambition and talent has always been the rejuvenating recipe that ushers in new music so when we caught up to our next featured artist we had to ask her all about it. Check out our Q&A with Sanna Rahimic!

For those of us unfamiliar with you and your music who are you and where are you from?

My name is Sanna Rahimic and I live in a town in Sweden that’s called Malmö. I’ve been singing my whole life but
I realized later on in life (about 4 years ago) that I can’t live without making music in some kind of way. So me and
my friend started making covers and put them up on YouTube and got good responses.. So about 2-3 years ago I started
writing my own lyrics. At first it was in English, but then I switched to Swedish because it was easier to develop
the feeling that I wanted the listener to feel.

Hip-Hop’s culture has managed to span its way across the globe in so many different ways, how has Hip-Hop influenced Sweden?

I believe that Hip-hop has never been bigger in Sweden then it is now. There are a lot of rappers nowadays in Sweden and
that can be both positive and negative. If you live in the capitol of Sweden (Stockholm) it feels like you have a better
chance of succeeding, then if you’re from somewhere else in Sweden. That kind of sucks because there is a lot talent in
this country, and not only in Stockholm. You can also feel the waves of different music genres from the States influencing Sweden, like the trapwave. It’s nice, but sometimes the quality of trap music lyrics and the delivery can be really whack and still gets tons of views just because it’s trap…

How long have you and mrc$ been working together and what do you guys have in the works?

Actually this is the first time we’ve done something together. He lives in Spain, so we’ve never meet.
He’s very talented and I hope that we will work together again someday!

Your new video the “Bigger Picture” just dropped this past weekend and we’re digging it! Videos usually take a lot of work, what was your experience?
Thank you! This video was a school project. The project was to make a music-video (lol) but I would of never
imagined that it would turn out so good! The people that I did this with were so talented and were always positive through
the whole process. But yeah, it was a lot of work, in the end, so worth it!

We’re all about concerts, shows and festivals here at WHATIZ and with Summer quickly approaching there’s usually a lot of opportunities to perform. Can we expect to see you performing anywhere this Summer?

No, maybe when I’m with someone else on some small stage somewhere in Sweden, but really nothing special.

What’s the best way for people to follow you and you music?

My facebook page!! That is where I’m going to upload all of my music!!!