Last week I had the pleasure to meet [ REC ] BEATS a “ Hip Hop Futura” Beatmaker based out of  Paris France who’s been releasing some bangin ass beats lately!  Well we were able to convinced the Beat pounder into giving us a little insight into what’s he’s been working on and what’s next, check it out…

Sev: So where’d it all start for you? [REC]: I began working on music as a bassist for some Funk and Soul bands but I’ve always been influenced by a lot of different types of music. after a while I slowly started working on a sampler with some of my first beats by playing and sampling my own bass lines.

Sev: How would you describe your style? [REC]: I would say my production style ranges, I love using samples from Soul to Electronic music including my own bass lines. I also use  a lot of my own playing tricks with synths and soft sounds that I feel compliment the heavy bass lines..

Sev: Now everybody’s got influences, who’s yours? [REC]: Yeah of course! – Dabrye,  JDilla,  Dibiase,  Samiyam,   Madlib,  Mr Oizo,   El P – Company Flow,   Curtis Mayfield,  Isaac Hayes,  Jack Beats,  Edit,   Knowledge and Flying Lotus  just to name a few…

Sev: So what’s in the works at the moment? [REC]: I’m actually working on  a few new projects …. The best way to follow what’s new is at my Soundcloud page:

Sev: Cool brother! Hey thanks for taking the time to hip us to whatiz! We look forward to enjoying many future bass lines & killer beats!!

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