Trifid by Morgen Noi


Just about anybody that’s into the “Beat” scene these days knows that the European Beat scene is second to none and to be honest from my vantage point sitting here in middle-America they might even be leading the way! Which leads me to our next feature…. Hailing from Germany comes the “Morgen Noi Collective”, a group of Beat banger’s who’s sure to make you forget about your favorite emcee and pick up beat boxing to your new favorite beat!  Well I caught up to the three members that makes up  Morgen Noi Collective for a little Q&A, check it out…..

So for those who aren’t familiar with you and your music, who are you and where are you from..?

Ju-Ar: I’m living in a town near Frankfurt, Germany and I began producing beats back in 2003 as another creative expression to my painting and graphic design jobs. My musical roots and influences vary from jazz to soul, 90’s Hip-Hop, Bristol Trip-Hop and of course Drum’n’Bass sounds. In 2010 I started releasing my music as one of the founding members of the “Morgen Noi Collective”.

Salvia Kamili: Hi I’m Salvia and I’m from a small city a few kilometers north of Frankfurt, Germany and I guess it all started with me listening to rap music from there I got into jazz and funk, prog rock, Afro-beat etc.. Describing my sound is a difficult for me because I have so many different influences and sounds I like to explore but if I had to sum it up I’d say it’s kind of a fusion of sounds whether I’m flipping some samples or playing with my synth it’s always different.

Lupid Ocampo: Hi I’m Lupid. I have a deep love for beats, drums and experimental sound sources. My roots are in Hip-Hop and playing with the Akai MPC  but later I began shifting towards a more electronic sound over the years, ditching the rappers and embracing the space and freedom of instrumental arrangements. I’m currently living in Frankfurt, Germany.

Musically what are you currently working on and what’s next?

Ju-Ar: Collectively we just released our latest album TRIFID which is our first “Morgen Noi Collective compilation” of previously released and unreleased tracks that we’re pretty excited about! I’ve also just finished my third album, which will be released soon on Morgen Noi.

Salvia Kamili: Currently I’m working on a Brazilian music inspired beat EP. Not a new concept but after dropping the Multiply LP (which is based on playing mostly stuff live), I wanted to get back to doing more  sample based stuff… I’ve had a bunch of Brazilian music/samples that’s just been collecting dust in my crates for sometime now.. I always wanted to do something with it, so look out for that!

Lupid Ocampo: I’m currently working on several new projects. I will finish my (very) raw experimental beat-tape which I started during the time I lived in Bangkok and will put at least one EP together this year. Also, Ju-Ar and me are about to start a collaborative project.

There’s a lot of new music out there these days, what are you listening to? what do you recommend…?

Ju-Ar: My current playlist consists of Jneiro Jarel – Three Piece Puzzle, Karriem Riggings – Alone Together, Flying Lotus – Idea+drafts+loops, Johnny Hammond – Monsieurwilly World, The Roots- Things Fall Apart, most tunes of the Roy Ayers discography, some mixed and radio Shows from Soulection, Moovmnt, Dj Rahdu and Michael Ruetten’s Soulseraching.

Salvia Kamili: I find myself listening to jazz (old and new) all the time.. I guess that’s my foundation but I’m also into some psychedelic stuff like Tame Impala or Ariel Pink, Jimi Hendrix… Shout out to my homie Guiseppe who introduced me to House Music… I’m bumping Osunlade very there are so many great artists…

Lupid Ocampo: I listen to a lot of old stuff, especially Jazz, Soul, Reggae and Dub. I still have a passion for the golden era of Hip-Hop but about 99% of the new releases in this genre do not catch me anymore. In contrast to that I feel very inspired by the Electronica and Beatstrumental/Future Beats music! There’s a lot of great music out there and there’s still so much innovation going on it’s hard to have any favorites but to be more  specific I enjoy; Stan Getz, Gil Evans, Slugabed, Flylo, Grillo, Soosh, Lapalux, Om Unit, Bonobo and yeah I do have quite a passion for Rick James tunes!

How can people find your music or get connected to you..?

Ju-Ar: Soundcloud, our collective Bandcamp, Youtube and Facebook profiles.

Salvia Kamili: People can find my music mainly on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube (got some nice vids out there) and connect via Facebook or Gmail.

Lupid Ocampo: We´re all represented in the social media cloud and share a collective home named “Morgen Noi”, where most of our projects have been released. I personally like to share some extra songs on Soundcloud.

So what do you think of

To be honest we’re new to It covers a lot of independent music and different interesting genres of upcoming producers and so on. Thanks for having us here!

Very welcome, the pleasure’s all ours! For more on the Morgen Noi Collective and to keep in the loop here’s a few links below…

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