Conforming to mainstream standards has never been a forte of ours here at WHATIZ so when we had the opportunity to book our next featured artist we jumped at the chance! Innovators of their own sound and pioneers in the World of Dark Wave it’s our pleasure to introduce you to TUXEDO GLEAM..

For those of us unfamiliar tell us a little about yourselves and your music?

We are a musical duo from Modesto, Ca. The music is open to interpretation.

Rumor has it you guys have been working on some highly anticipated new material, what’s been up with you guys musically?

We have been fairly quiet for the past year and a half, and haven’t played any shows, but have been working on new material. We have contributed to various compilations during this time. We released Miss Jane Lover with Chromatin Records. One with Lentonia Records called Object of Desire and another with Detonic Records called Fiction. We did another release with The Scrap Mag called Wanderlust. We also did a Split with our friend Princess Dye. We plan on playing only new material at our upcoming shows.

Most adjectives used to describe your music usually just makes music fans even more curious, how do you guys go about describing your sound to the new listener?

I think our music has a mysterious quality that can appeal to a curious nature.

It goes without saying that we here at WHATIZ are huge music fans and are always listening to something new. What’s in your guys playlist at the moment, any recommendations?

We made a playlist for the Brutalist featuring a lot of our current favorites you can find here http://www.thebrvtalist.com/newbrvtalism031/

Can we expect any Summer shows?

Other than our show with WHATIZ we have a show in L.A. On July 1st with our friend Zanna Nera from Oakland and Void Vision from Philadelphia. We also have a local Show being put on by the Modesto Synth Society July 23rd. Other than that we plan on releasing a new album, and playing as much as we are able.

What’s the best way for fans to keep up with you guys and your music?

Facebook, SoundCloud, and BandCamp. Keeping your ears and eyes open.