Keeping in line with all the great artist we feature on here it’s our pleasure to introduce our next artist Mr. Adam Quinn. Recognized recently by our team as quite the imaginative producer we asked Adam if he was interested in participating in our new Ethereal compilation –Lucid-In my dreams, well lucky for us not only did Adam say yes but we also managed get a little Q&A out of him, check it out…

Sev: So for those who aren’t familiar with you and your music, who are you and where are you from?

I go by the moniker Adam Quinn. I’m originally from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Amish country). I lived there for almost 25 years. I moved to Rochester, New York a few years ago, which is where I currently reside.

Sev: What is your earliest memory of music?

Interesting question. My earliest memory of music is probably from church. I grew up going to a very traditional Protestant church. I remember hearing hymns and other praise and worship songs. I always thought it was interesting how hymns could inspire intense emotion in believers but could also just as well serve as background music. This is really the definition of “ambient” music, something I picked up on at an early age and something I’ve always aspired to create.

Sev: What does it mean to create?

 A very difficult question. I’m not sure if I buy into the idea that creation is simply individual expression. I see it as much more influenced by chance and collaboration (be it with another individual, a set of ideas, a genre, or an imitation of something). When I begin a composition I don’t really have a set idea in mind. It’s a lot of plugging things in, manipulating samples one way then another, until I feel I like where the track is going. I find that limiting myself is actually more interesting. For instance, randomly selecting a set of samples and forcing myself to use those and only those samples. I’ve gotten much more out of having fewer options than having infinite options. I’ve also experimented with juxtaposing different genres/thematic elements. For instance, taking an old jazz-swing song from the 1920s and, instead of simply sampling it, trying to translate or interpret its elements using samples from a completely different source.

Sev: There’s a lot of new music out there these days, what are you listening to? what do you recommend? 

 I listen to a wide range of different genres, depending on my mood and environment. For example, you might be surprised to learn that my car’s radio is always tuned in to my local country music station. I’m not too picky. Pop, classic rock, jazz, even metalcore. I listen to it all. In terms of the “electronic” genre, lately I’ve been listening to Fevrier’s new album “Honey” and Broke for Free’s new album “Petal”. I really enjoy Broke for Free’s use of twinkly guitar samples in the new release. I’m always impressed by Lomovolokno’s tracks. Also, I think that Ewonee’s throwback chilled-out hip-hop is pure genius.

Sev: How can people find your music or get connected to you?

 All of my music can be streamed and downloaded off of my Bandcamp page. I also have a Soundcloud and a Twitter account where I broadcast any news about my music.

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