WHATIZ.BIZ is proud to present the anticipated release of BRAILLE -Words you can feel by California’s Golden Boy NOVA! A hard hitting project that’ll have you bobbing your head while absorbing a healthy dose of realness! NOVA’s approach on this one was simple, to keep things as real as possible! Touching base on some of the toughest of life’s issues such as Financial hardships, Infidelity, Law problems and Child Custody all the while exuding that California swagger that comes so easy to him. BRAILLE’s a project that appeals to both genders besides the fact that NOVA’s always been a favorite around the ladies BRAILLE is able to offer some insight behind those taboo topics no other emcees seem to want to touch (relationships, finance and trust). BRAILLE truly is an LP you can feel….. 

NOVA’s in a category shared by few, with an ability to take you places the average just can’t! Relevance!

“As a kid I wrote a lot of poetry while everyone else was rappin’, I’ve always felt strongly about my lyrics” -NOVA  

Don’t miss your chance to grab your copy of this 14 Track California Classic exclusively HERE 1st!  ….. and for those of you living in Central California we are proud to present our PRE-INDEPENDENTS DAY BASH & RECORD RELEASE PARTY and that’s right you’re invited!! Click HERE for the details….


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