Virginia born, Oxnard raised, Artist, A.J. Briones isn’t new to the scene, the hip-hop native has been through 3 metamorphosis in his career working with the likes of Points Of EllipsisWild Child of the Lootpack, part of The Heritage Club (Oxnard CA based creative collective), Willabeast (VA), The Bridge (Humble Beast Records) and not to  mention a few other scattered gems. Leading up to the recent release of  “Focal Point” just released and featured exclusively through WHATIZ.  “Focal Point is a project produced by Trayz Beatz, Symbo Science, Willabeast, Premethius & Klutch with  features by MED & Dominic Escovedo. The projects dope I hope you all grab a copy!”

Starting out in his career as Astrophysick morphing to Astro (A Shift through Realities Oppression), to now emerge as a self-titled artist there is one thing certain, A.J. Briones is a voice of one that’s here to stay. Keeping about 95% of his lyrical content focused on his “life’s journey through trials and personal tribulations” add that 5% flare and you have a fresh sound that is sure to make his 2014 objective attainable. “My objective this year (2014) is to make my voice heard and to put a very big dent in the stream of things” What’s forth coming from  the artist? “(Willabeast and I) are 4 songs away from completing our 1st album, Nottz Raw gave us placement on his vol 1 Welcome Home Mixtape series this year. One of my few accolades. I’m “also gearing up to start a new project with my crew POE”.  Briones will be preforming in Fresno, Ca. Saturday Dec.14th  @ WHATIZ’s annual end of the year house party so be sure to catch him LIVE. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

-Article by, Leslie Sparks