Greetings and welcome to space the final frontier the epitaph of our lineage the void of our subconsciousness and the focal point to our story of an Epic Space Opera!

As the story goes by the year 2115 the Earth is in total dissolution after being invaded by the Coalition of Reticence (C.O.R) on August 6, 2015. A now iron curtain blankets the Earth in utter darkness as all sentient beings are forced into over a century of silence. Since the recent attacks on Mars by the C.O.R in attempts to deactivate their sound vibrational force field. Captain SAHAB rogue aviator and Flight Commander for the Chimera Republic of Mars set forth as ambassador to the Celestial Empire for the freedom of Mars and the liberation of Earth which was being held captive by the Coalition. Knowing it was an impossible mission by the Liberation Front all hopes for a peaceful resolution were lost when Flight Commander SAHAB was shot down behind enemy lines and plummeted to Earth where he was taken captive by the C.O.R. With the C.O.R’s minds set on the deconstruction of all sound vibrations in the known universe it appeared that all hope was lost.

Meanwhile back on Earth a small fraction of the Liberation Front had gained a foothold in Sydney, Australia where fellow sound liberator Lieutenant EARS was forwarding an advance of freedom fighters known as F.T.B’s (Free the Beats) on the C.O.R’s Central Intelligence Station. Armed heavily with sound ballistics (a known sure death for the Reticent people) Lieutenant EARS penetrated deep within the C.O.R’s blockades damaging its central processing unit rendering its mainframe. EARS quick to react transmitted the C.O.R’s primary processor connecting with the Republic of Chimera’s vibrational force field exposing the source of the C.O.R’s unifying power and most guarded secret, [Phase Cancellation]. Since the FTB’s attack on C.O.R’s Central Intelligence Station Lieutenant EARS has been reported M.I.A and believed to be held prisoner along side Flight Commander SAHAB in California’s Central Valley.

Armed now only with new found knowledge a desperate and weary Republic enlist the help of sound scientist the FUTURE LOVE HANGOVER. A known sound profit, audio engineer and supreme sentinel being he is organizing a special task force formed of Audio Aviators and Sound Liberators that will accompany him in the attempt to save Flight Commander SAHAB and Lieutenant EARS. At which point devoted to the cause sound scientist F.L.H will attempt until now the unimaginable, TIME TRAVEL. Using the C.O.R’s Phase Cancellation technique F.L.H will go back over 100 years to August 6, 2015 to the day the Earth went silent and deliver a sonic shock wave at the dawn of the C.O.R’s arrival essentially changing the future! Are you brave enough to join?

Calling all Audio Aviators and Sound Liberators your galaxy needs you!

* All age boarding passes accepted
* Free for Audio Aviators and Sound Liberators
* 7pm Boarding
* Destination 1416 Broadway 93721 August 6th 2015
* Must be willing to time travel!