WHATIZ is proud to present ……. THE NEON SOUND MACHINE -Futura Beats

An experiment for the senses, a collage of Audio frequencies molded to quadrate your perception of audio phonics into amphorous mountains of Neon! -Join us as the colors change…


1. [REC] (Paris, France)
2. Sea Shock (Fresno, Ca)
3. Bayroo Burner (SF, Ca)
4. EARS (Sydney, Australia)
5. eLan (Brooklyn, NY)
6. AF THE NAYSAYER (New Orleans, LA)
7. Ikabod Bum (Modesto, Ca)
8. Fresh Prince of Bell Snare (Fresno, Ca)
9. Bass Killah (Mexico City)
10. The Eggman (Melbourne, Australia)
11. Deadpoole (Ipswich, UK)

Released July 7, 2014

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