Vintage Rebirth By Sev Samples


So as you can imagine we’re constantly getting so much good music here at that we were thinking we should develop some kinda of Mix Tape series, well wah-la! We’re happy to introduce the release of new Mix Tape series.  A showcase of music submits and personal favorites. To start it off is our own Sev Samples with a 12 track mix called “Vintage Rebirth”   Sev Samples; “I brought together cats from all over the World on this one! It’s what I’d call a new vintage sound which was actually inspired by one of my favorite producers “Nu Vintage” this first project is actually part one of 1 of 3. It started out as a 3 hour long Mix Tape with over 60 songs and then I started thinking I better break this thing up so we just ended up going with 12 tracks this time. It’s a cool project  I’m looking forward to many more! Parts 2 & 3 will be dropping later this month..